Marketing domination is often the wrong approach for small and medium-sized companies.  Instead, focusing your marketing on who your customers are and where they are looking for you is key.  Why are we competing with large corporations when we can become the first choice in our markets? Is it really the highest and best use of resources?



00:01: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick Bonadies here. Wanna take just a quick minute and talk to you about marketing domination. I believe that most small companies and medium-sized companies, they scatter shot in their marketing. And the reason is partially because they may not know who exactly their demographic is or who they’re trying to market to, but more so I think sometimes smaller companies feel that more is better.

00:23 NB: So let me give you an example, a large company could put an ad on the radio, not because they have the money to do it, but because their market demographic might be bigger. Let’s use a big company like Coke or Nike or whoever these companies are, right. Smaller companies have different marketing budgets for their smaller company. But I personally believe that the best way to dominate is actually to start small, you find out who your demographic is and who you want to market to, not necessarily who you’re marketing to now, and really go after that. So for example, as a company, we’re business-to-consumer, we’re not business-to-business. And what we do is we pick a certain demographic and we go after that with vengeance. For us, we do things like home shows in a small area, we do things like dealing with PTAs, we focus on certain zip codes, certain neighborhoods, certain home owner’s associations. But it’s in a very small area, so that we become the dominant player. So whenever somebody calls us in that area, really it’s our job to lose, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be talking to another company, but what it does mean is that we are the first choice, and it’s really our job to lose, we have to go in there and sort of mess it up, if that makes sense.

01:35 NB: So I believe that marketing and dominating in a small area is better, because from there you become the company of choice. And then from there, it dominoes out, you can pick another neighborhood, you can expand it out. But if you try to scatter shot too far across what’s happening is you’re not the dominant player, you’re not the company of choice necessarily, until you start dominating in a small area. So I guess my question to you is what are you doing to dominate in a particular area and then branch out from there? It works really, really great, most small companies are afraid to do that because they’re afraid they may not get enough business coming in. So just something to think about. Do a little bit of research and I think you’ll find that that will really help you.