Thousands of Homeowners in Virginia are going Solar.




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Our mission is to offer more Virginia residents the ability to access clean and future-proof solar energy, cut back on utility costs and ensure environmental security for generations.

We don’t merely sell solar systems. We want to help you secure your energy future. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across Virginia, preserve the environment, and provide an environmental-friendly, sustainable power supply for your home.

Take control of your energy future and your savings with a custom solar power system for your home. Get started today!

Our solar designers strictly evaluate every single solar system design to maximize your home’s solar potential and implement the most visually aesthetic solar installation without cutting corners.

Your Solar Journey with Semper Fi Exteriors

See how much you could save

Get a custom proposal in less than 48 hours, so that you can make an informed decision.

Let us make it happen

Together, we’ll define a solution to maximize your savings. Then, we’ll make it happen! From survey and design to permitting and installation—we manage the details so you don’t have to.

Tap into lifetime savings and support

With ongoing support, maintenance, and monitoring plus our optional Semper Fi Exteriors Protect program, you can count on risk-free savings with Semper Fi Exteriors.

We Manage Every Single Detail so that You Can Relax!

Solar Consultation

  • Clarify Your Energy Goals
  • Answer all questions
  • Evaluate Purchase Options
  • Help you receive the maximum incentives

Solar Survey & Design

  • Will provide an in-depth survey of your property
  • Will design a solar energy system to maximize your savings

Solar Permitting

  • Follow state and municipal requirements, HOA regulations
  • Move your project from design to installation

Solar Installation

  • With permits in place, our experienced build team will step in.
  • Vetted sustainable energy experts in Virginia will ensure your solar power installation is proficient, up-to-date, and accurate.

Project Implementation

  • We will collaborate with your local energy provider to get you connected to solar power energy and savings.

Solar Savings

  • Our expert solar care team will ensure you adequately understand your new solar power system. You will track your energy savings without any trouble.


  • Your solar system comes with a 25-year product and performance Warranty

See How Much You Can Save

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