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Nick wants to fulfill and continue a mission he started as a US Marine.

Veteran-owned and operated Semper Fi Exteriors believes in doing the job right the first time while giving back to the military community. Guided by principles he learned in the US Marine Corps, Nick Bonaides and his team are not your usual contractors. They make the effort to do the right thing all the time. Nick and his team approach your home renovation with integrity and respect, and want to make sure the work is exactly the way you want it.


As part of the most elite unit in the Marine Corps, The Body Bearers, Nick took on a very serious job. These specially trained members have one mission: to take care of fallen Marines and the families they leave behind. These toughened Marines are hand-picked out of the 200,000-plus Corps population. It’s the highest honor a Marine can receive.

The Body Bearers are the uniformed pallbearers who attend the funeral of a fallen Marine, as well as senior statesmen, heads of state and former US presidents. You may have seen them on TV, escorting a casket from the body of a plane. These exclusive Marines attend to the casket and handle it as needed, carrying it to and from the hearse and into the cemetery plot. The Body Bearers serve primarily at Arlington National Cemetery, but occasionally travel for a president or other dignitary.

Before you ever see them, they’ve trained and worked hard for many months after Basic Training to make sure they get it right every time. The Body Bearers believe their service is to the fallen Marine and the Marine’s family, whether active duty or long since retired, and take it very seriously. Their motto: “The Last To Let You Down.”

Many Marines who leave the Body Bearers find that they’re missing something. At the start of their journey, many Marines find something that they were missing in their lives, but didn’t know they needed. When they leave, they can’t take it with them, and they know it’s not there.

Nick was in the Body Bearers from 1992 through 1995, and served in served in close to 1,000 funerals. Like others before him, Nick also left a part of himself behind when he left. That part was serving the families and making sure they were taken care of when their Marine died.

Semper Fi Exteriors was created with that “missing part” in mind: to give back by continuing to serve the spouses, children and parents of fallen military members in his civilian capacity. From financial assistance to education and job training to move on from the military life, Semper Fi is a company that is ready to help military families in time of need. With more women deployed, a widowed spouse could be a man or a woman taking care of children. Semper Fi wants to help every family after the funeral of their military member, and honor them.