One guiding question (and its answer) can transform your business and your life.



Hey, how are you, it’s Nick Bonadies here. I just wanted to pass a quick tip onto you that I thought might actually help you, it’s been super helpful within my personal life and also within my business life. A mentor friend of mine explained this to me, and it’s a question. Whatever we’re looking at, is it the highest and best use of that particular thing?

So let me give you an example real quick. We were implementing a new process within our company, we use this across our company all the time, by the way, this highest and best use term. And this process, when we were looking at it, we looked at it from the customer standpoint. And we asked the question, “Is this the highest and best use for that particular customer?” We also asked the question, the people that were involved, “Is this the highest and best use for the people that are gonna be involved with, in this particular process? Or do we need to involve others? Or not involve certain people? Is the process the best, highest and best use? Is there something we could be doing different?

Now, we look at people like this within our business, we look at processes like this, we look at the customer like this, we look at the customer experience like this. I mean, what a great thing to look at, the customer experiences. Is what we’re doing the highest and best use for that customer? Because sometimes by turning the cube a little bit and looking at it from a different way, we end up with a totally different result and it could be exponential in its result to that customer.

So anyways, play around with that a little bit. It’s been super helpful within our business and within my personal life. Again, highest and best use. Takes a little while to get used to, at least it did for me, I’m not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer, took me a little while. But I’ve had a lot of fun with it. It’s across our company now, and it works phenomenal.