Finding your go-to home service companies is going to be key to keeping your house looking great for a long time. One of the worst situations that you can go through as a homeowner is dealing with an issue and not knowing who to call. You’ll end up having to take a leap of faith with a contractor. At times, you can get burned! If you’re new to Dale City, VA, or if you want to know who can help you with things around the house, this is for you.    


Multiple companies in the area offer landscaping services. However, in some cases, certain companies specialize more in outdoor renovation projects than lawn mowing. If you want your grass to be in perfect condition all year long, Precision Lawn & Landscape may be your best bet. This company specializes in landscaping more than building decks or walkways. 


Walker Heating & Air Conditioning is a local company that offers 24/7 repair services. That’s not a usual service that this type of home service companies offer. If your heater breaks in the middle of a cold winter night, here you’ll hopefully have their number. Many locals who have used their services rave about their experience. It’s hard to keep such a good average rating on Google with so many reviews. These guys have found a way to get that done.     

Home Service Companies to Help With Cleaning 

Housekeeping came to the modern age in Dale City with Angela’s cleaning services. There are other home service companies that offer similar services, but this company stands out because you can book your service easily. Everything can be done online. You can let them know the size of your house, and you’ll get an automatic budget. Apart from the fact that booking is easy, they do a fine job with all of their services. 

Overall Home Renovation 

There’s going to be a bonus on the list! The reason why that’s the case is that this company is the best when it comes to overall home renovation in the area. Putting it under one particular category would be doing it a disservice. Semper Fi are experts in all things exterior renovations. If you need to change your roof, this is the company that you want to call. One of the things that keeps people from repairing their roof is the fact that they don’t even know it needs fixing. That’s why it’s a good idea to have Semper Fi provide an inspection of the area.


It’s actually a necessity in certain cases, particularly in older homes. If your roof is celebrating its 25th birthday, it could be a perfect time to have it inspected. The last thing you want is to realize there’s a problem once you have leaks causing trouble inside the home. One of the best things about Semper Fi is that they work with all sorts of roofs. They’re even able to help if you want to change things up a bit. Maybe the shingle roof that you have just doesn’t go with the look that you want for the house. Out of the home service companies that offer similar services Semper Fi is known for providing the best results.