Is your house in need of a makeover? It’s time to look at new siding alternatives for your older property. Older residences have many characteristics that homeowners want to keep, but they may not be as energy-efficient. As a result of the outside wall being neglected, older homes frequently have old, faded, or even crumbling siding. This blog article will discuss new siding alternatives for upgrading older houses and how they may help you achieve your house renovation goals.

Replace or Repair Damaged Siding

Old homes may have beautiful original siding that needs repair. Weather damage and layers of paint, on the other hand, make it difficult to return the material to its previous condition. If they are worn down or missing, homeowners sometimes want to replace old components with new ones entirely if they are damaged or broken.

Is it better to replace old siding rather than remove it? This is only true if you plan on selling your house, as replacing siding won’t significantly impact lowering utility costs or improving insulation.

Are there Signs of Insect Damage?

Insect damage on older homes with wood siding may be visible. Termites and carpenter ants are attracted to exterior wooden siding because it is a safe hiding location. However, if the home does not have apparent indications of prior damage or activity in the area, termites will not infest it unless it has been neglected and sealed. 

Is there evidence of insect damage? A siding professional will be able to inspect your old wood siding for signs of termite or carpenter ant activity. It’s more common to see damage on wood siding that has been covered up by vinyl or aluminum siding, as the damage gets worse over time if it goes unnoticed.

Is the paint in the house a lead-based product?

Lead-based paint on older homes with wood siding is not as common but still needs to be considered. Lead was a popular choice for exterior products in the past, and it can also cause environmental problems if improperly removed. 

Is the house in question painted with lead-based paint? Because the EPA says that most pre-1980 structures contain some amount of this hazardous material, it’s critical to use specific tools and per laws to remove lead-based paint.

Old exteriors are not limited to wood siding only!

Exteriors on old houses can also be made of brick or stucco. Brick exteriors are especially common in Federal and Colonial homes, while stucco is found on Craftsman-style bungalows and less expensive properties.

When repairing stucco or brick is more complicated than sanding and sealing the wood. This requires professional masonry experience to patch up the texture correctly.

Is old brick or stucco your problem? While the material is often more durable than wood, hiring a professional for repairs and maintenance is still necessary. It can be challenging to match textures if you try doing this yourself. As with any kind of exterior renovation project, take care when working near gutters and downspouts!

Are You Willing to Do the Necessary Maintenance?

Maintenance is a common reason for choosing to replace old siding altogether rather than repairing it. Wood requires upkeep in sealant application and power washing every few years, which is inconvenient for many homeowners.

Brick and stucco require a similar level of maintenance, while vinyl siding does not. 

Do you want to do the necessary upkeep?  When you know your siding requires a lot of maintenance, it may be time to replace it! This will ensure that the exterior looks good for years to come.

Retain the original character

Do you prioritize restoring your older home?  One way to do this is by choosing siding materials and colors that match popular when the house was built! This can ensure it looks like a historic structure while taking advantage of modern features, such as energy efficiency.

How do you want your home to look? When it comes down to the final decision, think about how you envision your old house looking in future years! Some homeowners choose new materials but keep their original wood siding so they can retain character. Others paint over wood with a more modern color scheme or use stains to age it.

Assess Your Roof and Windows

Your roof and windows need to work together with your siding to create a cohesive look. Keeping the original must have similar ages and styles, so there will be no visible disconnect between them.

Do you want an updated roof?  Do you need new windows? These decisions can affect how well exterior renovations can match your original materials. The siding installer needs to know what your roof and windows look like before beginning an exterior renovation project, so they can make sure the new work will be cohesive with existing features!

If you’re thinking about remodeling your older home, then it might be time to consider siding options. There are many considerations for choosing the best choice for your house, including budget and durability. The experts at our company can help you decide what type of siding is right for your needs by providing an estimate based on specific details of your property. Our team will evaluate everything from the age and condition of existing materials to types of weather in that area, as well as any other concerns related to pests or mold that need consideration when selecting new material. Let us know if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation!