Another example of a roof that looks great…until you get up and check it carefully.



00:02 Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick here. I wanna show you what we’re finding on this roof real quick, this is a friend of mine that called me out to take a look at their roof and I got up here. From the front, it didn’t look like it was in bad shape, but check it out. So this is looking at the back, I’m gonna walk over here real quick, and then I’ll show you a few other things here as well, so they’re missing a shingle right there. So here’s the cool thing, when people are missing shingles, that’s like an automatic trigger. The funny thing is, when I was talking to the homeowner, I don’t think they realized they had damage, and to be honest with you, I don’t even know if I went all the way in the backyard here, if I could actually see the damage from back there. So we got up on the roof. Let me show you a few other things here as well. There’s lots of shingles like this. Let me see if I can get out of the shadow. See this right here? That’s all wind creasing. Here’s another one right here, and essentially…

00:45 Nick: Yeah. See, I don’t wanna mess with it, but you see what happens is the wind catches these shingles and it lifts them up, and what happens is when they crease backwards, they’re deemed by the insurance company, no good. So here’s another one right here, here’s another one over here, a couple more here, some down there. So here’s the cool thing I’m gonna recommended to this homeowner for a full roof replacement, or I should say to be able to suggest they make a claim through their insurance company. Hopefully the insurance company comes out and pays for a brand new roof for them, but just wanted to show you what I’m finding up here. Have a great one.