Combining roof inspections with training really gives Semper Fi team members an edge when it comes to identifying, remedying, and insurance filing for your roof.



00:02 Nick: Hey, how are you? Nick [00:04] ____ here. I wanna show you a couple of things I just found on this roof today. We’re out with a bunch of our team, doing some roof inspections and doing a little bit of training with some of the newer folks and stuff like that. First glance, from the ground, this house looks fine, but let me show you what I found. As we’re looking around, look at the shingles missing right here. So you could see those missing here. If we get closer down here, there’s actually a shingle missing right here as well. See that? And then all the stuff that you see here, for example, see these lines? Sorry, I’m right next to the edge here, see these lines right here? All that stuff is wind-damage, see how the shingle is broken?

00:38 Nick: So what happens is that some of the stuff that we look for… So this roof is actually deemed replaceable by the insurance company because of that. Let me show you a few other things. See these lines and these creases? See this right here? All that stuff is replaceable by the insurance company. This shingle over here, if you see that right there, evidently, it must have fallen off before because somebody put a screw in the top of it and put it back in place, I guess to try to protect the area there. And then a few other things. See these lines and stuff on these shingles? So all of that stuff is wind-damage. What happens is this is an older roof and we can’t match the size of the shingle, it’s discontinued. So we’re actually able to get this whole thing replaced by the insurance company. So I just wanted to show you what we’re finding today. Have a wonderful day.