Semper Fi Exteriors finds wind damage on this roof and gets the insurance company to pay in full for a new roof



Hi, how are you guys doing today? It’s Charles with Semper Fi Exteriors, and I’m here on a roof today. So today, I just wanted to make a quick video informing you guys with a little bit of information about wind-damaged shingles. So today I wanted to talk about exactly how wind damage can lead to leaks inside the home. So if you see here on the shingle, we can notice the damage towards the top of the shingle here, and we can actually see that these shingles are completely loose, which kind of come up easily. And eventually, what’s gonna happen with this shingle, it’s gonna fly off like one of these, we can see there’s a missing shingle here, there’s nothing in that space where there is supposed to be a shingle.

But it’s still covered by the next shingle underneath. Eventually, once we get over here, you can end up with even worse damage. We’ve completely lost the next shingle underneath there, and we’re looking at what now is the underlayments of the roof, which is the paper materials there to waterproof and we prevent the water from coming in. So that’s a big issue right there. You can see how the damage gets worse over time as it goes through more storms. Each time a storm comes through, the damage can get a little bit worse here.

So this is why you guys are always gonna wanna have a contractor come out to your home about every year or so and doing inspections just so you can tell if you have any damages start developing, then you can nip that problem in the bud and get your project taken care of quickly. So thank you guys for watching. Check out Semper Fi Exteriors’ page. Take care. Have a great day.