With Bay Windows And Garden Windows, The Difference Comes Down To Size
Bay and garden windows tend to look essentially the same. A center window is “fixed,” and on either side are “venting” windows. The result has a shape similar to what it might look like if you cut a hexagon in half and tacked it outside a house. Essentially, there’s a new space now available that can be used in a variety of ways.

In terms of overall size, custom designs can produce a vast space indeed. Generally, though, a “bay window” arrangement will create a window seat, whereas a “garden window” arrangement is several sizes smaller. Instead of enough space to sit, there’s only enough space to store some plants or other fixtures, perhaps. Ideal for small window gardens, this may be where the smaller design’s namesake comes from.

Advantages Of Garden Windows


There are a few reasons to get a garden window arrangement over a bay window arrangement:

  Garden windows take up less space.

  Garden window installation is less expensive.

  Installation time is likely much shorter, depending on the property.

  With a garden window, you have the advantage of increased light and ventilation without restructuring that portion of the house so extensively.

  The work can be done quicker and cheaper, and though you can conserve the usable space of your home, the added storage capacity isn’t as great as with a bay window.

Advantages Of Bay Windows

With a bay window, you have more space, and you’re going to be able to do more with it; consider:

 Bay windows make fine window seats.

 Storage beneath window seats is easy to design into the new remodeling.

 Bay windows increase the light in a room and facilitate ventilation.

 You can expect an increase in associated property value with bay windows.

 Especially in terms of property value expansion, bay windows make a lot of sense, but their installation tends to be more complicated and expensive due to size. Also, they take a bit longer to put in place.

Making The Best Choice


Given its overall scope and architecture, Bay windows and garden windows could be more or less appropriate for a given property. Your budget may also be a factor. Have an exterior company like Semper Fi Exteriors examine your property to help you make the best choice.