If you’re a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your property in good condition. One of the most critical elements of your home is your roof. Not only does it protect you and your family from the elements, but it also adds to the overall curb appeal of your house. However, as with all things in life, roofs don’t last forever. Over time, wear and tear, storm damage, and other factors can take their toll, and it will eventually be time to replace your roof. But how do you know when it’s time to get your roof replaced? What signs should you be looking out for? In this blog post, we will explore the most common signs that indicate that it’s time to invest in a new roof. By being aware of these signs, you can stay ahead of any potential issues and keep your home safe and secure. So, whether you’re a new homeowner or have owned your home for years, read on to learn more about the telltale signs that you need to get your roof replaced.

Signs You Need to Get Your Roof Replaced

Get Your Roof Replaced

Roofs are constantly exposed to harsh elements like the sun, wind, rain, and cold weather. This exposure can cause wear and tear, which can eventually lead to the need for a roof replacement. While some types of roofs can last up to 25 years, shingles will eventually age, bend, break, tear, or fall apart. It can be difficult to assess the condition of your roof from the ground, but there are a few different signs that can indicate the need for a new roof.

Your Shingles Are Curling

If you notice that the edges or middle of your roof’s shingles are curling, it could be a sign that you need to get your roof replaced. This curling, called cupping or clawing depending on where it is, is a sign of warping in the shingles. This warping can leave your home at risk for leaks, which can cause significant damage to your walls, ceilings, support beams, floor beams, and joists. It is essential to keep an eye on this damage and take action as soon as you notice it. If you leave the damage unaddressed, it can lead to more severe problems down the line. You’ll probably need to replace your roof within a few years, so it’s best to act as soon as possible.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all curling in your shingles is a sign that you need to replace your roof immediately. However, regardless of the severity of the curling, it’s always a good idea to have a professional take a look to determine what needs to be done to keep your home safe and secure.

You Have Granules in Your Gutters

Loose granules in your home’s gutters may indicate that it’s time for a new roof, especially if your roof is over 10 years old. Granules are the crushed stone and other materials that are on top of your roof’s shingles and are designed to protect your roof from excessive sun damage. If your roof is at least a decade old and you notice loose granules, it’s best to call a professional for an inspection. This could mean that you need a new roof in the near future. However, if you have a new roof and see loose granules, there’s no need to worry as it’s normal for new installations and the situation should improve over time.

Your Roof is 20 to 30 Years Old

If your roof is over 25 years old, it may be time for a replacement. In fact, most shingle roofs need to be repaired or replaced prior to reaching that age. Additionally, if you installed a new roof over an existing layer of shingles, you may need to replace it after 20 years. The easiest and quickest way to determine the age of your roof is to call a licensed and insured roofing professional who can inspect it for you. They can also work with your insurance company to repair any damage that is covered under your policy. However, if you want to investigate the age of your roof on your own, a few other things you can do include:

  • Talk to the previous home owners if applicable
  • Look at the roof condition to estimate the age
  • Look to see if there is a building permit for the roof
  • Contact the roofer who worked on your home

It is always important to inquire about the age of a home’s roof before purchasing a new property. Additionally, it is crucial to be aware of the indications that a new roof may be necessary. Otherwise, you may end up having to pay for a replacement before you are financially prepared.

Light is Coming Through Your Attic

If you are trying to determine if you need to get your roof replaced a good place to start is checking out your home’s attic. If you notice light coming through the beams in your attic, it could be a sign that you need to replace your roof. While some amount of light may be normal, such as from gable, soffit, or ridge vents, significant light or large water stains could indicate a more serious issue. It’s best to look for changes over time and consider calling a roofing professional for assistance.

Cracked or Missing Shingles

It’s essential to check your roof for cracked, missing, or damaged shingles, particularly after a hailstorm, excessive wind, or experiencing an ice dam. Ice dams can prevent snow and water from running off the roof and cause damage to your shingles. If you observe an ice dam, contact a professional to remove it promptly. Remember, while a few damaged or cracked shingles can be repaired, a full replacement may be necessary if your roof is extensively damaged.

There is Moss & Algae Present

Another sign that you need to get your roof replaced is if it is looking a little green. If it is, it may be due to the presence of moss or algae. While this is not necessarily an immediate reason to replace your roof, it can cause damage over time. Moss tends to keep the surface of your roof damp for extended periods, increasing the risk of water getting under the shingles. It’s worth noting that many new shingles are resistant to moss and algae. However, it’s not recommended to attempt to remove moss on your own as this can cause more harm than good.

Sagging Roof

One of the most obvious signs that you need to get your roof replaced is if it is sagging roof. This occurs when there is a structural issue below the shingles, such as severe water damage or a broken rafter. In either case, a contractor will need to remove the shingles and plywood sheathing underneath to get to the root of the problem.

Water Damage

If there is water damage inside the home, it’s a clear indication that the roof is not performing its job properly. This damage might be the result of ice dams, deteriorated flashing, compromised shingles, or poor installation techniques. Regardless of the cause, leaks won’t fix themselves, and homeowners should take action to repair or replace their roof as soon as possible. Failure to address a leaky roof can lead to mold growth and attract pests like carpenter ants.

Get Your Roof Replaced with the Help of Semper Fi Exteriors

Keeping your roof in good condition is an essential part of maintaining the safety and structural integrity of your home. By being aware of the signs that indicate that it’s time to get your roof replaced, you can stay ahead of any potential issues and keep your home secure. If you notice any of the signs discussed in this blog post, it’s essential to contact a professional and have them inspect your roof as soon as possible.

At Semper Fi Exteriors, we offer comprehensive roofing services to help keep your home safe and secure. From repairs to full roof replacements, we can help you with all of your roofing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your roof in top condition.