In this life, nothing is permanent, and a roof is no exception. The roof’s functions, such as protecting us against harsh weather, ultimately contribute to its damage. In this post, we explore how you respond to the damages by exploring;

Factors to consider when choosing between a roof repair, a patch, or a replacement

The advantages and disadvantages of doing the above roof ‘treatments.

What factors should you consider?

How old is your roof?

If it is less than 20 years old, you may not need to replace it, but instead, do some repairs or patch it. If it is more than 20 years old, get an inspector to evaluate the roof to determine whether it is still in good condition and whether it needs replacement or straightforward repairs.

If you are wondering how to tell if roof tiles need replacing; some signs can indicate this to you;

• Moss on your roof

• A sagging roof

• Curling shingles

• Presence of granules in the gutters/ the ground

• The extent of damage

A tiny leak or a missing shingle can be effectively handled by a roof patch/repair, and you do not need to replace the entire roof. If a tiny leak or missing shingle is spotted, you should repair it immediately to prevent the issue from escalating and causing lots of damage.

Harsh weather such as a storm or a bad winter may cause much damage, necessitating a roof replacement, so ensure you evaluate your roof after such an occurrence. For damages that may cause structural problems or make the roof cave in, the best option is to replace the roof.


Your Budget

You may need a new roof but can’t afford it since it is quite expensive. You can opt to do some repairs before saving up on some money to replace the roof. However, restorations tend to cost more in the long run, so if you can afford to replace the roof sooner, it is better to do it.


Roof Repairs and Roof-Patches

Roof repairs and patches are generally preferred due to the lower costs involved. Also, there are other instances you may require to do a roof patch or a roof repair;


• When there is a need to retain the roof’s architectural integrity.

A complete roof replacement changes how the house looks, but sometimes you may want to maintain its original look. In such instances, one can only rely on roof patches and repairs to keep the house in its classic look.


• You are short on time.

There are instances you may spot leaks or missing shingles in the roof, and you expect guests in the coming weekend. In such a scenario, roof replacement is not an option. Despite the convenience and affordability of having a roof patched or repaired, there are disadvantages of choosing this option;


• It may not be aesthetically pleasing.

As the shingles age, their color change, and it isn’t easy to match those colors. If it is a small portion of the roof, it may not be noticeable, but a giant patch may negatively alter its look.


• May generate more problems.

Roof repairs require lots of expertise, and if you get a person with little/ no expertise in doing roof repairs, he/she may cause more problems.


Roof Replacement

Once the roof ages, roof replacement is the recommended option to take. The reasons why many experts recommend replacing the roof are;


Enhances the curb appeal.

A new roof is aesthetically pleasing since all the shingles match, and the colors are still bright and bold.


Allows you to have peace of mind.

A new roof may last for up to 15-20 years without requiring any repairs. With a new roof, you do not need to keep surveying for leaks or any other type of damage unless a storm or a bad winter occurs.

However, despite the benefits, the roof replacement process can be quite hectic and expensive.

Another disadvantage of replacing the roof is that it is quite noisy, and if you are replacing your roof, consider;


Moving from the house during the replacement process

• Getting your pets out of the house

Also, you can choose to reroof over your old shingles. Local building codes allow houses to have two shingles, but you cannot exceed this because too much roof weight may affect your house’s foundation. It is a cheaper alternative, but when you finally decide to replace the roof, the costs will be very high as you will require to remove two shingles.


Key Takeaway

How you respond to your roof’s damage largely depends on the roof’s age, the extent of damage, and the budget. Do your research, and consult experts before you come up with a conclusion.