You may think that your home is safe from intruders because you have a high-tech security system, motion sensors, and an alarm. But if you have old windows in your house, this isn’t the case. Windows are one of the easiest ways to get into a home for burglars. If you have a window that can be easily pried open or lifted, they will most likely go for it. One way to protect your home from burglars is by taking advantage of the benefits of replacement windows.

Old Windows Make Your Home Vulnerable:

  • Old windows are easy to access points for burglars.
  • You can usually lift old windows with ease, and prying open older window frames is quick and straightforward as well!
  • Is it possible to look through the windows and view the valuable things in the home, such as artwork, electronics, antiques, or collectibles? If you can see in – a thief can too.
    Cracks or breaks in your glass windows, metal frame corrosion, and even wood frame decay can all suggest “easy access” for a criminal who wants to get inside.
  • Do you have sliding glass doors, doggie doors, or other entryways with glass inserts or windows? Even louvered windows provide a thief with easy access points.

How Do Replacement Windows Improve the Safety and Security of Your Home?

Older window styles may have faults, such as thin glass that allows a burglar to enter your home. In recent years, window designs have improved dramatically, resulting in more secure windows than ever before. Locking systems, for example, provide greater peace of mind when you are at home or away by making your windows more secure.

When it comes to the security of new replacement windows, there are several precautions you may take:

  • Tempered Glass – This type of glass is the most common for a reason. It enhances your safety and security, as it’s harder to break – even with extreme measures like using a brick or hammer.
  • Security Screens – Security screens are now available on windows where you can’t install permanent window treatments properly (such as sliding doors). This option will help keep your home safe and secure.
  • Laminated Glass — Laminated glass is a type of glass that has multiple layers to it. It’s another form of safety and security in your home, as it holds the glass together if something were to shatter the window into pieces.
  • Enhanced Locking Systems — There are many locking systems on replacement windows today for you to choose from, depending upon how much security you want in your home.
  • Window bars/window shutters – Using bars or window shutters are another great option for you to consider. They can easily be locked in place and help provide your home with greater security when the windows are closed.
  • Supplementary Locking Systems – You could also add extra locks to delay and, ideally, deter unwanted visitors in addition to the ones mentioned above. A door-bolt-like instrument can be used to close casement windows. To keep intruders from raising the sash of a double-hung window, you might install a locking pin that goes through one sash and into the other.

Having replacement windows installed in your home provide a host of benefits to you and your family, such as increased safety and security for your loved ones! Replacing old windows with new ones is a simple and affordable method of improving your home security!

Replace Old Windows, Increase Home Security.