Replacement Window Warranty Guide: You Can’t Replace Peace of Mind

One of the most important aspects to consider when looking for replacement windows is whether or not the company offers a warranty. This may appear to be a no-brainer if you’re anything like me, but many people are unaware if their window has a warranty and how to obtain one. In this blog post, I will share everything you need to know about your options and what questions to ask before making any decisions!

There are many types of warranties available, and each company has its standards and conditions that go along with it. As a result, how do you know what constitutes a decent warranty?

What is the typical coverage in a window warranty?

Frame coverage

The manufacturer will repair or replace any window frame part that breaks or malfunctions during the warranty period.

Glass coverage

If the glass of your window breaks under regular use, it is covered by the warranty. If the window glass is constantly hazy and refuses to come out with a good cleaning, you can replace it with a warranty. This warranty should cover any films or energy-efficient glazing coatings on the glass; however, this must be made clear when you are shopping around.

Hardware coverage

Ensure the warranty covers all window hardware and moving components, such as locks and balance mechanisms that keep it from sliding when opened. If your double-hung window doesn’t tilt in or out as it should, the warranty must pay for its repair.

Labor and installation

If a warranty does not cover this, the business will be held blameless if the window is not correctly installed. This implies that if any issues emerge after the installation, you may be paying hundreds of dollars to have it repaired. The art of construction is significant.

Bonus – Glass break coverage

Although this isn’t necessary, glass break coverage in your warranty means that if your window breaks, it will be covered. Because obtaining a window changed due to a glass break is uncommon, this factor shouldn’t be the most concerning for you when it comes to a window warranty. Unless you reside in a home where baseball players live, glass break coverage should be your last priority.

When it comes to your new windows’ warranty, you must make sure that all of the window’s components are covered during the lifetime of the warranty. What could go wrong during installation? These are the questions you should ask yourself to verify that the warranty covers everything. A typical window guarantee may include 20-year glass coverage, while others may only consist of one year.

An inexpensive window replacement may come with a short-term warranty that is not ideal for someone living in their forever home.

Whether you are just in a starter home for a few years or have established your roots for the next several decades, the definition of a lifetime in your warranty must be clarified before signing on the dotted line.

What does a lifetime warranty mean?

Hearing’ lifetime warranty’ would commonly make you think the window is going to last a lifetime, your lifetime. However, the definition of a lifetime is different for every company and product.

While you might be offered a lifetime warranty for your replacement windows, you have to ask if it is the lifetime of your life in your home or the lifetime of the windows. The lifetime of a window might only be five years, so that the company might define it as a lifetime warranty.

Things to consider when defining the lifetime of your window warranty are the lifetime and longevity of the company and its reputation. 

Can you trust a company that is only in its second year of operation and offers a 20-year warranty? Not to say that a young firm can’t succeed with reputable standing, but are they trustworthy enough to handle your work? After describing the specifics of a window warranty, determining the length of time, it will be valid is the second most essential aspect to consider.

Bonus – Keep in mind that manufacturers may also change their warranty terms without warning, even if you already have a window installed. Many homeowners are unaware of this until they attempt to claim on their defective windows and find out all warranties were modified overnight with no prior notification. When shopping around for replacement windows or any other product, always ask if any changes have been made to the warranty.