What are some things you should do now to prepare your home for a roof replacement? That’s the question I just asked two longtime homeowners. Here’s what they said. “I would recommend cleaning out gutters and downspouts,” said one homeowner. “The more debris that gets clogged up, the more damage will happen when it rains.” The other homeowner recommended caulking around windows and doors because those areas can leak during rainstorms due to wind or heavy rain. They both agreed on this point: Check your insurance coverage before you need it! With so many homeowners unaware of their policy limits, we’re not surprised by recent research from the Insurance Information Institute showing that only half of all homeowners have enough coverage in place to fully pay for

What to do before the roof is replaced


Check your insurance coverage

It’s quite typical for homeowners to believe that they have sufficient insurance coverage. only to find out that they are completely unprepared when a major claim is filed.

By checking your policy limits and understanding what you’re covered for, homeowners can help ensure their property stays protected during the replacement process.


Shut off utility

Before starting with the roof replacement, you must check to make sure that all of your utilities are shut off before touching anything. Your water, gas lines, and electricity should be turned off before the roof replacement begins. You will also want a contractor here before doing so because they know where the valves are located.


Keep your kids and pets safe

Think about your kids and pets before starting the roof replacement. If you have kids or pets, ensure that they are not in the vicinity before beginning work on your roof. The last thing you want is for them to be injured before the roof replacement begins.

Have on hand all of your pets and keep them in one room for their safety while the roof is being redone. You don’t want anything happening to your furry family


Relocate Vehicles

Relocate your vehicles before starting the roof replacement. This will ensure that roofers do not accidentally hit your cars. Keep your garage doors shut before the roof replacement begins. You don’t want any debris or shingles to enter your garage while you’re working on the roof.


Remove your wall decorations

It will be safer for you and your family during the roof replacement if there are no pictures or decorations on your walls. You want to get these down before the roof replacement begins.

Temporarily remove any hanging frames and wall fixtures for your own safety. You don’t want these items to fall and hurt anyone in the home during this time.


Move grills and patio furniture away from the work zone

Your roofers will want a clean work zone. This means that anything in the work zone will have to be moved before they can begin replacing your roof.

Before starting, think about where you want all of these items and try to keep them at least 25 feet or more away from the worksite. You don’t want any injury or damage occurring while workers are working on your roof replacement.


Cover everything in the attic

You want to make sure that you have something down to cover all of your personal items before the roof replacement begins. You don’t want anything in your attic getting dusty or dirty so be prepared and throw a sheet over everything before starting work on the roof.


Ensure access to multiple power outlets

Ensure that you have access to multiple power outlets before the roof replacement begins. Have a contractor come out and check your house’s electrical so they can make sure everything is working properly and there are no issues with power going in or coming out of your home during the redo.


Remove antenna and satellite dishes

If you have any antennas or satellite dishes located on or very near your roof, you’ll want to have them removed. Call your cable or satellite provider to make arrangements before roof work begins. If these aren’t taken care of before the redo starts, there is a chance that they could get damaged and become unusable.


Be a responsible neighbor

You may want to let your neighbors know before starting the roof replacement. They can protect their property and also keep an eye out for children or pets in case of any issues with lawn equipment that’s used during the redo. Some roofers will even provide group discounts if one of your neighbors also needs their roof replaced.


Cut grass and prune trees plants that block work zone

It will be easier to start the roof replacement if your yard is free of tall grass. Make sure you prune trees and plants growing around the house.

When you get rid of tall grass and other plant life, it will be easier for roofers to work on.

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