Each day is becoming colder than the last, and summer is coming to an end. You have started to prepare yourself for the upcoming winter issues. Some of the things that you are preparing for include shoveling snow and buying many blankets. While you are focused on blankets and removing snow from your lawn, it is easy to forget other problems, such as drafty windows.

Drafty windows can be a severe problem if they’re not solved in time. Your family will be spending many days in the cold. Therefore, you must prepare for winter now by repairing drafty windows. But how do you go about doing this?

Use a Window Film

One way of keeping out the cold is to install window films. This is a plastic-like wrapper that you can spread over each window. The spreading must happen on the inside to protect the film from weather elements. Once the installation is complete, you can blow-dry the film to keep it firm and durable.


You should start removing old caulk or peeling paint on the outside of your windows. Your windows’ perimeter may have some debris accumulations. A simple metal knife is enough to create a clean surface, but some prefer the 6-in-1 painter’s tool. The tool’s blade and the sharp tip will remove any stubborn caulk and peeled paint from crevices near the windows’ perimeter. Besides, the tool has an easy sharpening and cleaning procedure.

After you have removed the paint and caulk, you can use soapy water and brush to remove any remaining debris. If you are satisfied that all debris is out of the way, it is time to clean the windows’ surface by using a towel. Some homeowners introduce fresh caulk so that the window can regain its initial look. Extra caulk also strengthens window frames. Nevertheless, it would help if you verified the material composition of the caulk. Experts recommend that silicone sealant has the best caulk properties.

Buy Curtains and Shades

Certain types of curtains reduce the problems associated with drafty windows. Layered curtains and cellular shades can prevent the inflow of cold air and retain heat in the rooms. They can do all this without preventing natural light from entering any room.

You can buy shades and curtains from online stores. Alternatively, you can create your cellular shades by sealing them with fabric. Once you have done it, you can fill it with rice to increase its functionality.


Door Snake

If you don’t have the time to create your cellular curtains and shades, perhaps you should consider a door snake. Many are available on Amazon at affordable prices. Its primary purpose is to retain warm air within the rooms.

Fortunately, the door snakes are extremely easy to make at home. You can even use a pair of socks and old clothes to cover the bottom of each door. The only thing you need to be aware of is that they must perfectly cover the space. Consequently, some measurements are required to confirm this.

Get New Glazing

Regular window inspection can uncover missing or loose glazers. This can happen by the cracking of the glazing putty on most window panes. You don’t need to hire a contractor to do this job since applying new glazing materials is straightforward. If it’s done correctly, it can stop any leakages and strengthen your windows.

First, you have to do away with all the old putty. Next, you can remove the panes to introduce fresh putty. After the putty has dried, you can press the glass back and add small glazing points. The idea is to strengthen the window panes without destroying them. Consequently, you may need to apply another roll of putty on top of the windowpane.

Nail Polish

Did you know that nail polish can strengthen your windows? Introducing nail polish can remove crevices and cracks on the perimeter of your windows. If it hardens well, it will create stabilization. Alternatively, weather seal tape can fill any gaps on your windows. In this case, you will need to add some plastic weatherstripping to the edges of the windows. However, make sure that it does not interfere with the opening and closing of your windows.

Buy Window Locks

People take window locks for granted, but they are a great way of preventing drafty windows. When window locks work together, they reduce the space between the window panes. As a result, air leaks are minimized.

You don’t have to use one lock for each window. Large windows can work with two or three locks. Installing many locks reduces air gaps and keeps heat within the room. If the locks are not working, perhaps you should close your windows throughout the winter.

Bottom Line

Your family needs to remain warm in winter. Drafty windows are some of the things that will cause shivering in your home. Fortunately, this is something that can be solved without extensive home remodeling.