So you have an old window just sitting around collecting dust? If so, it might be time to get creative and do something great with it. This blog post will show you several ways that your old window can be repurposed into a new project. Whether you want to turn it into a light fixture or create an exciting artwork for your home, there are many possibilities!

Recycle your old windows:

Contact your window installer to see if they will pick up the old windows for recycling. If you have a DIY project in mind, hire a deconstruction company and ask them their policies on reusing or disposing of old windows. Many deconstruction companies recycle or resell discarded materials so that it doesn’t go to the landfill.

Deconstruction services will often pick up or drop off your old windows for free if you have them do a project at your home. Try looking on Craigslist, Freecycle, and other local community boards to find someone willing to haul away the old window for recycling or repurposing it into another piece of furniture or art.

Do it Yourself

If you want to do a DIY project, use your old window as the primary material and build around it. Frame out a basic frame with new wood or even just leave the window’s opening exposed for an exciting look that is still functional in its original form. You can also cover part of the window to create designs such as a stained-glass lantern or turn it into a light fixture.

Try turning your old window into something functional, such as a photo frame for some of your favorite memories from home or even an exciting piece of artwork that you can hang up on the wall. Even if you are not very crafty yourself, there are many tutorials online to learn how.

  Use it as a planter box to grow flowers or vegetables.

  Turn them into the sides of bookshelves, either for your home library or garage storage solutions!

   Give old windows new life by turning them into bird feeders. Simply add some hooks on one side and hang from a tree outside for the birds! 

This is also a great way to teach your children about recycling, repurposing old items into new ones, and how important it is to do our part in keeping the environment safe.

Craft old windows into vintage decor

Create a vintage look for your home by turning an old window into the main piece of furniture. For example, remove the glass and add some boards on either side to create a small table or repurpose it as a plant stand in your living room.

  Use them as sliding doors between rooms that are generally not connected – you can turn your old window into a picture frame or even just decorate it with paint for an exciting look.

  You can turn the window into the artwork by adding flowers and plants to create your greenhouse effect in front of the backlit window!

Do you have any other ideas on repurposing windows? Share them below! 

Make an outdoor coffee table with

If you are looking for something functional yet decorative, consider making your old windows into an outdoor coffee table. This is perfect for small children or pets and provides a sturdy surface to hold snacks and drinks that won’t damage the floor.

  You can place several smaller windows together on top of some cinder blocks to create the perfect outdoor coffee table. Use boards or bricks in between each window for stability and sturdiness.

  Turn an old drawer into a box with wheels on the bottom so that you can move it anywhere without hurting your back! Just add some legs and paint as desired, then fill with snacks when having guests over outside!

Use them as Mirrors

Use them as mirrors in the bedroom when placed across from the bed instead of against a wall to reflect the room.

Make an arbor with old windows

Make an arbor with old windows as supports and turn it into a place where you can grow flowers or vegetables.

 Fill them with water and use them as a birdbath by adding some stones or decorative items to the bottom.

  Use an old window for your garden instead of plastic planters that can crack in cold weather – it will provide excellent sun exposure during the spring, summer, and fall seasons! This is also perfect if you have pets since the glass is not going to be chewed on.

Use them as food displays

Use them as food displays, such as at a restaurant or deli counter where they can showcase different cheeses and meats. 

Give away old windows to

Give away old windows to charities like habitat for humanity or other similar organizations to be repurposed into something useful. They will give it to someone in need of one and you can feel good about your decision since it is also going to help the environment as well! 

Turn your old window into a chalkboard

Turn it into a chalkboard for easy learning or creative inspiration! All you need are some hooks on one side of the window frame and some chalkboard paint to create a quick and easy DIY project.

In conclusion, there are so many ways to repurpose an old window into something new and functional. It’s a great way to keep the environment safe by recycling materials instead of throwing them away, as well as practice your DIY skills in the process!