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Gainesville is a cozy town with major shopping and dining choices. Visitors can enjoy the nightlife in this college hotspot, especially if they are looking to go out to one of its many bars/ nightclubs! There are also world-class golf courses to keep you occupied for the day, and if nature calls, then take a stroll in Conway Robins State Forest, which features over 2000 acres of protected land. There are also various trails for leisurely walks or even hiking.

The houses at Gainesville are charming homes built in the Federal style, which features steep roofs and thick brick. However, suppose you are looking for something more modern but still want to keep your home stylish simultaneously. In that case, there is an alternative to consider: the roofing company residents of Gainesville, VA, look up to – Semper Fi Exteriors.

Nowadays, people would like their houses to compliment their lifestyle, living in style and comfort. The roofs can help with that – if you have a slanted roof, it will add character and charm to your house.

The roofs might also be modified to match your preferences for colors, dimensions, and form, construction materials, or architectural style and services. Your roofing company in Gainesville can help you find a design and materials that will suit your requirements and budget!

With the best roofs in place, there is no need to worry about leakage or other issues which may seriously affect your house’s integrity.  It also helps if you have a warranty on the installation to provide further peace of mind.

Gainesville, VA, is a charming town that deserves something extra when it comes to its roofs, and Semper Fi Exteriors has just what you need – whether you are building or replacing your home’s roof. You can trust this company’s expertise and quality workmanship to give your house a proper makeover. Contact us for a free quote and estimate on installations, repairs, maintenance, and more!


Gainesville Roofing Company – Residential Roofing Services, Repair or Maintenance


If you need a free quote from a reputable residential roofing company in Gainesville, then get in touch with Semper Fi Exteriors today. The crew at this local business will help you choose the perfect solution for your home’s roofing needs and ensure that all installations are done to code, standard, and industry requirements.

We use roofing materials include metal, asphalt shingle, cedar shake, slate, and concrete tiles. Depending on your preferences and finances, you can choose a cover for your house that will keep it safe from various weather elements, including snowstorms in the winter and heavy rains in the spring.

You can also entrust your residential roofing services to us as we offer a wide range of other related options, such as:

Storm Damage Repair


Hail and strong winds can cause severe damage to the roofs. If you have not had damage in the past but are worried about possible future incidents, we suggest taking preventative measures immediately by having a roof inspection by our crew. We can perform repairs on the damage to make sure your house is weatherproof again in no time.


Soffit and Fascia Installation


Other than installing or repairing roofs, we also offer exterior siding services for houses! Semper Fi Exteriors is one of the few providers in Gainesville that can provide you with soffit and fascia installation services.




If your gutters are clogged, it can lead to significant issues, including basement flooding. Flooding is responsible for severe damage to the structure of homes, which will require expensive repairs. This is why it makes sense to get in touch with the best gutter contractors in Gainesville, VA – Semper Fi Exteriors.


Gutter Guards


Installing quality gutter guards is another excellent option for safeguarding your house from water damage caused by clogged gutters. The guards will keep all blockages at the edges, so they don’t affect the flow of rainwater in your gutters and cause serious problems.


Roof or Gutter Cleaning


If you want to keep your house protected from rainwater damage for as long as possible, then it makes sense to get in touch with the best roof and gutter cleaners in Gainesville. Semper Fi Exteriors can clean all sorts of roofs, gutters, fascias, soffits, and siding.


Roof or Gutter Repair


If you have damages to your roof or gutters, we will carry out the necessary repairs with the utmost urgency. We ensure that all installations are done according to industry standards and requirements and that the workmanship is guaranteed.


Roofing Company Gainesville VA – Roof Replacement


When your roof needs replacement, all types of severe problems can arise – from leakage to damage to the structure’s integrity. Rest assured that Semper Fi Exteriors will replace your roof with the best materials and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Roof replacement is necessary when your shingles or tiles cannot be repaired anymore due to age and wear.


Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement


Depending on the value of your home, you can choose between different types of asphalt shingles that include three-tab, architectural, designer, dimensional, laminated, metal-coated (Architectural Metal), and premium smooth.


Metal Roof Replacement


Metal roofs are popular for their exceptional durability, which means you will rarely ever need to have them replaced. Semper Fi Exteriors offers a wide range of metal coverings, including steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Besides their long lifespan, these materials also provide excellent fire resistance and weather protection.


Cedar Shakes and Shingles


Cedar shingles have been a popular roof covering for hundreds of years because of their exceptional durability, resistance to UV rays, and outstanding aesthetic value. Semper Fi Exteriors can transform your house into a beautiful building that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. We will replace your cedar shingles with new ones that will last for a long time and will continue to impress everyone who sees them.


Flat Roofs


Flat roofs are prevalent because they offer exceptional durability and insulation properties. They also have a distinctive aesthetic appeal that makes them worth considering if you want to transform your house completely.


Tear-Off Roof Replacement Gainesville


Shingles and other types of roofing materials are attached to plywood sheets or a solid deck. When the time comes for replacement, removing the old decking and installing a new one usually makes sense, especially if there is evidence of leakage inside your home.

Since the plywood sheets and solid decks are not cheap, you will enjoy substantial savings if we can recycle them. We guarantee that our roofing materials come from reliable sources, and we use only industry-approved products for installation.


Trusted Residential Roofing Solution for Gainesville, VA

With years of experience under our belt, Semper Fi Exteriors is the most trusted residential roofing contractor for Gainesville residents. We have a wide range of services to offer and use only the most advanced equipment and techniques. We always carry out the work with utmost care and ensure that our customers are left completely satisfied. Whatever your roofing needs are—whether you’re looking for a new one, want repairs done to yours, or desire gutter cleaning or installation services—we provide all of the required expertise and resources.