Storm damage is a harsh reality that homeowners have to deal with. It is not uncommon for homeowners to deal with siding damage after a severe weather event. Unfortunately, attempting to repair a problem on your own without knowing what issues may arise in the future might be time-consuming and costly. It is critical to handle siding damages caused by storms since ignoring them can negatively influence the overall look of your home and its structural integrity.

Conduct Visual Inspections

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular types of siding on the market, even though it is more susceptible to damage during a storm than other varieties. There are three ways to know if your vinyl siding is damaged. First, look for half-circle cracks between the valley and ridges of the panels. Second, inspect areas where chipping or dents have occurred due to wind damage. Finally, look for any holes in your home’s hidden components when these sorts of damage occur; it might be a symptom of significant structural deterioration caused by storm conditions.

Inspection tip: To inspect siding, schedule inspections early morning or late evening. The best times to do so are when the sun is low in the sky and not glaring on your property; this way, you can spot problems that may be obscured by glare during midday hours.

Why You Should Repair Siding Damage Right Away

It is essential to fix exterior siding damage right away so that it doesn’t cause leaks in your home or significant structural issues.

Exterior siding is a vital part of any home, just like the roofing system. Both play an integral role in diverting water from entering our homes which prevents significant flooding and possible loss due to leakage, mold growth, etc… Suppose you have holes or cracks in your walls as a result of hurricane damage. In that case, moisture will seep through to other parts of the home, potentially creating serious issues later if not addressed promptly, such as leaks that result in the deterioration of costly goods/furnishings. It’s all about prevention!

Call an Expert Siding Contractor

Although it may seem like a minor problem, storm damage on your siding can be very costly to fix. A better option would be to call a professional specializing in siding and roof repair services to help with the issue. This not only ensures that you get expert service but also helps avoid problems such as color-matching issues if your existing panels are no longer available by the time they’re needed again.

So, if you do end up re-siding your house because of storm damage, make sure to hire a good company that gets great reviews! You don’t want the “storm-chasing” companies coming into town after storms offering deals. They are usually unreliable and may even provide shoddy workmanship for lower prices than competitors who have been in business much longer.

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