If you are a parent, you know how difficult it is to keep your children safe. It’s tough enough keeping an eye on them while they’re inside the house, but when it comes to windows, there’s no way for them not to try and climb onto them. You have two alternatives: either let your kid play in front of the window or childproof your windows. Here’s a brief and easy-to-follow guide on how to childproof windows!

Lock your windows closed – easiest route to go 

The easiest route to keeping your windows closed is by using locks. If you have a newer home or latches that seal shut, then go for it! However, if not, there are simple hardware store solutions available. However, this might be inconvenient as this means always having the window locked and may not work out well in every situation.

Install Childproof window guards – Forget Aesthetics for a while

If you’re trying to keep your children safe and allow fresh air into the home, window guards are a great option. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommend them as well so parents can feel better about letting kids play around windowsills or open up their windows for ventilation during warmer months.

There are a lot of different kinds of window guards. The crisscrossed bars add security and keep your windows open without worrying about kids falling out while still allowing the air to flow through in summertime. So if you want an easy way to let some fresh breeze into your home, this is definitely what you need!

Install Childproof window stoppers

Window stoppers limit the distance a window can open. There are two different types of them: spring and clamp-style ones. This option lets you leave windows slightly cracked for fresh air or privacy – no further than four inches, though!

Install Childproof Window Blinds

Cordless window blinds are a safer option for your kids as they have no sharp cords. They will match the decor of your home, and you won’t need to recharge them frequently, making it easy on parents with toddlers or older children who require frequent attention from their caregivers. In addition to being cord-free, some models offer unique features such as motorized tilt control that can be operated using just one finger!

Install Childproof Window Screens

Installing window screens can’t keep your child safe from falling through them, but they have another vital purpose. Using the film that coats the windows will save your kid if a piece of glass breaks in their room. However, be aware that this protective covering won’t prevent all accidents when it comes to broken glass; it only keeps shards stuck together and prevents them from scattering around the house or apartment after breaking apart.

Here are some bonus tips to protect little ones from falling out of windows:

  Keep furniture away from windows. This prevents climbing and provides a clear gap for children who might fall through the window if they were standing on it or nearby. 

  Use window cord retrofit kits to secure loose cords on draperies or blinds so they do not pose a strangulation hazard if the child pulls hard enough. 

  Remove hardware such as handles that could result in lacerations should it break during an accident involving tiny fingers getting caught between them.

   Keep furniture away from windows. This will prevent them from having easy access in case they do fall out one.

  Choose windows that open from the top. This makes it nearly impossible for a child or anyone else under 5’5″ tall to climb in and out of them unassisted, making your home much more secure against intruders. 

  Install window alarms on all windows (and doors) if you cannot find such windows already installed by default. They emit an ear-splitting alarm when opened at night without triggering any additional security measures like code entry into your system first.