Pros & Cons of Painting VS Replacing the Siding

Keeping your home looking great is a goal of many homeowners; unfortunately, it will fade over time from being exposed to weather elements if your home has vinyl siding. When you notice your siding beginning to fade, you are faced with a decision on how to restore its great look.

Having vinyl siding does give you the option of painting to restore its appearance. Painting, however, has its pros and cons on why you might want to consider replacing it instead.

Factors to Consider When Painting Vinyl

If your home has begun to show its age, and the vinyl siding no longer looks its best, you might consider painting it to save on the cost of having to replace it. These are some factors to consider before heading out to buy gallons of paint:

  How old is your siding? While paint can make the siding look better, you want to be sure it is still protecting your home. Siding that is more than twenty years old should be replaced as it has lost its effectiveness. 

  What is the condition of your siding? If you can see gaps or buckles in your siding, it is allowing moisture to get through.  It will not be cost-effective to paint siding that has holes, dents, or rotten sections.

  Will painting increase your home’s value? Putting a fresh coat of paint on your siding could increase the value of your house. If you put new siding on it before selling, you could receive about eighty percent of your costs back. 

  What is the cost of painting vs replacing your siding? If your siding is in decent shape, and you have a custom color you’d like to see on your house, but the siding manufacturer doesn’t carry it, painting may be your solution to have your home looking just as you want. The painting will cost less and the national average to paint a house is $3,700, while putting new siding on will run about $5,500 a foot. 

Pros and Cons Between Painting or Replacing Your Siding

If it is time to give the siding on your house some attention, you may find it helpful to know the pros and cons of painting or replace it.


Time Whether by yourself or by a professional is less if you paint your house.

Color choices Siding manufacturers do not offer as many color choices as you will find in paint.

Cost- It will cost you much less to paint your home than to replace the siding.


Appearance Even high-quality paints will not out-do the appearance of replacing your siding.

Damages are visible Paint is not able to cover or hide damaged areas. Because the damaged area will still be visible, nesting and mold are possible.

Paint does last as long as vinyl Even high-quality paint will begin to fade over time, and much sooner than vinyl.

Both painting or replacing your siding have benefits. If you are unsure which choice is the best for your house, talk to a professional home remodeling company to learn which option is best for your home.

Who To Contact About Painting a House

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