Roofing companies all across the country offer roof inspections. Many of them actually do it for free. They’ll only charge you if they find an issue that needs to be fixed. This last part is one of the reasons why a homeowner can be afraid of a roof inspection. Surely, the company is going to find something, and that’s going to lead to an extra cost that they weren’t anticipating. 

In reality, a roof inspection can be one of the best ways to save money on repairs. If you’re able to catch a problem in the early stages, fixing it won’t be as complex. It is important, though, to know what to expect from a roof inspection. This will allow you, as a client, to figure out if the company you’re working with is telling the truth about your roof. 

You Need to Get Up There to Do a Roof Inspection 

Some companies are trying to use new technologies to perform roofing inspections, especially when they’re offering the service for free. They might fly a drone over the home or building, and then they’ll use pictures taken from the air to back their findings. It’s really best for roofers, however, to actually get up on the roof. Seeing the gutters, tiles, shingles, or whatever the roof is made from firsthand is a must for a proper inspection. 

This up-close and personal approach allows them to truly feel, for example, how wet the surface might be. Shingles can look okay from above, but if you get there and touch them, you may find they’re tearing apart. With the amount of rain and snow that we get in and around Dale City, VA, it’s not uncommon to see mold on rooftops. While the presence of mold doesn’t directly signal a problem, it’s not a welcome find either.       

What Roofers Look For

Cracks are one of the first things that professionals look for in a roof inspection. If you requested the inspection because there’s a moisture spot in the ceiling on the top floor, they can focus on that area of the roof as well. Clogged or even broken gutters are another thing that roofers look for. Again, because of the amount of precipitation that the Dale City area gets, it’s essential that these are working properly.

Good roofers also look for moisture in general in an inspection. If there are puddles on the roof, and it hasn’t rained in a while, that’s a very bad sign. A variety of things could be causing this, though. One of those things is the gutter issues mentioned earlier. In some situations, though, it could be a lack of shingles or other types of obstructions on the roof. We noted that mold was a bad sign as well. The effects of mold on a roof cannot be understated. If certain elements are rotting, you could be in a tough spot.     

Ways to Test the Roof 

Apart from getting on the roof and just looking around, a good roof inspection could involve a few tests. Suppose that roofers have cleared out the gutters. What they may want to do is pour some water on the roof to see if it can naturally flow down without any issues. If that’s not the case, then there may be a problem that goes beyond the clogged gutters. These types of tests can vary depending on the potential issue at hand. If you’re dealing with leaks in the ceiling already, it’s not like a roof inspection is going to include taking a power hose to make sure the leak is real!  

Another way to find more cracks is to use infrared technology. These tests are usually run to get a sense of the integrity of the entire installation. As mentioned, there could be situations where it seems like the shingles are in place. Then you check the area, and you figure out there’s some type of tear in the underlayment. Some of these aren’t necessarily visible right off the bat, which is why some of these tests are important in a roof inspection.      

Presenting the Findings     

This last part may be the most important for homeowners. Roofing companies can really benefit from polishing their methods. You can be a great roofer, but if you’re not able to provide clients with proof that there’s a problem, the next steps in the process can get more complex. As mentioned, one of the best ways to present a problem is through photo evidence. A lot of times, what companies do now is that they take a video of some of their tests. That way the client can clearly see where the cracks are and what’s going on. 

In most cases, clients are not forced to book any services after a roof inspection. It’s up to the property owners to decide what they want to do with the findings. When there’s proof of an issue, it’s usually a good idea to get it fixed quickly. In Dale City, VA, we tend to get rough weather that can tear down roofs!   

If you need a roof inspection in or near Dale City, VA, be sure to call or contact SemperFi Exteriors! These roofing professionals are known for providing accurate assessments that lead to timely repairs.