You know that you should be getting a roof inspection at least once every year. Roofs are an essential part of your home, and they can give you an idea about how well it is being taken care of. Roof inspections are more than just looking for any issues – they also help point out if you have asbestos or lead paint on your roof! Roof inspections will help make sure that your family stays safe, so let us find out more!

Common Roof Problems


Roof inspections point out the issues with your roof and help you identify common problems that can occur. Roofs are exposed to many elements – and when roofs get old or start having an issue, it is essential to know what you’re working with!

Six common roofing problems:

  Roof Leaks

  Roof Gutter Issues

  Roof Ice Damming

  Roof Damage from Hail Storms or Hurricanes

  Roof Shingles Peeling Away From the House/Roof Structure

  Curling Up at The Edge (Shark Fin) on Metal Roofing Systems.

How Often Should You Have a Roof Inspection?


You should schedule your Roof Inspection once every year. Roof inspections are not just for looking to see if there is damage; they also help point out the current condition of your roof and what you should be aware of following.

It’s best to have an inspection done in Springtime so that you can start any repairs or replacements while it isn’t raining outside. This way, everything will work when it does rain. Doing so will make sure water doesn’t get into your home and ruin anything inside either! We recommend having a Roof Inspection every spring because we know how important roofs are.

Warranty Repairs


Warranty repairs are something roof Inspections can help you find out. Roof inspections will be able to identify any issues that might qualify for warranty work and repairs – this way, you don’t have to worry about paying for anything! Warranties are always there in case of emergencies! If your roof is leaking or has some other issue that needs fixing now rather than later, we recommend filing a warranty claim as soon as possible.

Weathering and Aging Roof


All roofs experience natural weathering and aging. The consequences are generally evident in tiny openings on the roof surface that lead to water infiltration. Roof inspections can help homeowners plan maintenance on these defects so they do not cause severe damage later.

Routine Maintenance Damage


Routine maintenance for your roof is the most efficient way to prevent roof damage. Roof damage can occur when a technician performs maintenance on your air conditioner or other appliances in your home, which may result in roofing issues. A roof inspection will help identify these kinds of problems so you know how they should be repaired!

Inspections can also point out if there’s lead paint or asbestos on your roof – both of which are extremely dangerous for humans to have inside their homes! You don’t want this kind of stuff near because it could cause serious health issues down the line.

Storm Damage


Storm damage to your roof can come from high winds, hail, and other bad weather. Roof inspections help prevent further damage by finding leaks and letting you know what needs to be done before winter comes along!

Suppose your roof is damaged as a result of the storm. In that case, it’s best to get an inspection so that the issue gets fixed right away. This way, when the next storm comes around, everything will work properly without any issues or problems. Roofs are exposed to some nasty things, sometimes like ice chunks/hailstones. These elements can cause significant damage when there isn’t much rain, leading to water infiltration inside the home later on. Always make sure they’re reported ASAP because waiting could lead to worse problems in the future.

Leak Assessment


Leaks can cause significant problems since they will lead to water damage and mold/mildew formation inside your home, which is something nobody wants. Leak inspections let you know if there’s a problem somewhere in your roof, so it gets fixed before more water starts coming right.

Stopping the Damage Before It Starts


Roofing emergencies can be a real pain. They can cause significant damages and require expensive repairs; however, they don’t have to happen if you get roof inspections done on time! This way, we will know what needs fixing before it’s too late to stop the damage from occurring at all.

You Are Buying Or Selling A Home


When you buy a new home or sell an existing one, the roof is always something that needs to be inspected! We recommend hiring a professional inspector, especially if the property has not been on the market for long. A thorough roof inspection will accurately represent how much work is needed and what problems might pop up later down the line.

Get a roof inspection from Semper Fi Exteriors to see if your roof needs any repairs or replacements. We can also help you with other roofing issues, such as finding the best materials, color schemes, and designs for new roofs that will fit in with your home. Get a free quote today!