There are plenty of subtle and not-so-subtle signs that indicate you need a roof replacement soon. In some situations, you’ll want to call your go-to roofing company immediately. Other times, you may be able to afford to put that call off, but not too much! Here are some of the signs that will let you know that you may need a roof replacement. 

Bald Spots in the Roof

The problem with this sign is that people don’t necessarily realize that their tiles or shingles are blowing away until they actually get up on the roof. There’s a famous story that Mat Le Blanc, the Friends actor, once told about a roof replacement. He mentioned that he didn’t know he needed one until they showed a bird’s eye view of his house on the news! Most people are not famous enough to have a helicopter fly over their house. If that’s you, you’ll either want to get up on the roof to see what’s going on or call a roofing company about an inspection.   

Broken or Clogged Gutters    

Another clear sign that you may need a roof replacement is if your gutters are broken or overly clogged. In some situations, this can be solved with a thorough cleaning. At times, it’s also true that the gutters are filled with the same shingles that are breaking off. When that compounding effect occurs, you’re likely well overdue for a full makeover.  

Moisture Spots in the Ceiling

If you’re seeing moisture spots in the ceiling on the top floor of the house, you’re dealing with a roofing issue. In fact, if you get up on the roof, you may see the bald spots that were mentioned earlier. These moisture spots can also develop because of failures in the gutter system. Essentially, what happens is that water doesn’t follow its natural course; instead, it remains on the roof. Slowly but surely, it starts to bleed into the rest of the house. That’s how you get leaks in the ceiling. When you’re dealing with actual leaks, that’s perhaps the clearest sign that a roof replacement is needed.       

Other More Subtle Signs that Roof Replacement Is Imminent  

Is your roof celebrating a milestone birthday? While you may not necessarily need an immediate roof replacement when your home turns 20 or 25, it’s a good idea to start thinking about it. Many people miss this date, especially when they are not the original homeowners. It’s important to get a sense of how old the roof is when you purchase a home. If there’s mold growing in and around the roof, that could be another sign that you’re going to need help quickly. More light coming through the attic or entering the room at night is another one of those subtle signs to keep in mind. 

It’s not that any of these signs are clearly going to indicate that you need a full roof replacement. However, all of these are clear indicators that there could be something wrong. If you spot these, it’s always a good idea to give your favorite contractor a call. The least that you can do is get an inspection. That way, you’ll have a better understanding of what your options might be moving forward.