A roof inspection in Winchester after a few weeks of high wind shows the expected damaged tiles and missing shingles. Semper Fi Exteriors schedules FREE roof inspections for your peace of mind.




Guys, this is Charles from Semper Fi Exteriors and I’m out here in Winchester, on top of a roof today. So, it’s actually a pretty nice day outside… I mean it’s raining some but we got clear skies as well. Either way, if we look over here, we can see that we have some missing shingles upon this roof. This homeowner went ahead and called us on Friday of last weekend, and we scheduled something up for Monday. So just came out here this morning. And as we can see, we’ve got multiple wind-damaged shingles here, where we have lost shingles due to the high wind over the last couple of weeks, as you can see there. And so what happened is this homeowner actually called our office while I was taking the phones on Friday night. And I picked up the phone and scheduled something for them right away, this is a totally free inspection for this homeowner. So I’m just coming out here, we do this as a service all the time. And if you guys would maybe just like to have some peace of mind, maybe you don’t know if there’s any damage. If you’d like to find out, call us and we’ll come here and take a look for free. Thank you so much, you guys, take care and have a great day.