Getting up on the roof, Nick sees the telltale signs of hail damage and discovers another problem lurking for the homeowner.



00:02 Nick Bonadies: Hey, how are you? Nick Bonadies here. I wanna show you a little bit of hail damage on this roof and also one other thing that we couldn’t see from the ground but it is super, super important. So check this out, as I was inspecting this roof here, look at this chimney right here. See how there’s no cap on it? Now look at the neighbor’s, see the cap? I’m gonna zoom in, see the cap on top of that chimney? So this house here doesn’t have, and you can kind of probably see it behind me here, it doesn’t have a cap on top of the chimney, so check it out. As we look down there, the water can literally go inside the house. Down in through the chimney and into the fireplace and stuff. But here’s the neat thing, this house is hammered with hail. Let me show you a little bit of it. So see these spots right here? That’s hail, that’s hail, that’s hail there. And then you can even see, I don’t know if you could see it in the video, but see all these little dents right here? All these dents… Tough to do here while I’m looking at the video, trying to do it that way. But anyways, all those dents and stuff like that are from hail. So I’m gonna get off the roof, we already know that the roof has hail on it, which means that we’ll be able to get it replaced. And then what I’ll end up doing is checking around the rest of the house to see what else has been hit with hail. We’ll be able to get the insurance company to replace it 100%.