Nick walks us through what an insurance adjuster looks for when inspecting a roof.



00:05 Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick with Semper Fi Exteriors. Let me show you what we’re finding on this roof here. We’re going through it with the adjuster right now, and he’s taking a look at it to see if there’s a wind and hail damage on it. So let me show you what we’re seeing. And see these marks right here by the way? These circles are actually hail damage. So let me show you this one right here. It’s a good one. See that right there? What happens is when the hail hits it, it makes an indentation and then the mat underneath becomes soft. It knocks the granules off. So on the back, we’re looking at 10 hail damage and three wind, probably tough to see in the sun. It is definitely right up here with this roof, and then also it’s gotta be 100 and something degrees up here with the heat index and the roof and stuff like that.

00:46 Nick: So check this out. These are wind damage right here. So let me move out. Give it a shade. But see the lines there and see how it’s loose? All that stuff is windy. Let me show you a couple of other things here too. This is hail, so you can see it there. Hail damage here. You can see some there. See the adjuster there marking the roof? So he’s measuring. We’re gonna move out of his way. So what’s happened is he’ll go back and he’ll upload the pictures and stuff, and the carrier does in the background whatever they need to do, and we’ll see if they approve it or not. It looks like a really good case for a brand new roof for this homeowner. Just wanted to show you what’s going on. Have a great one.