Making sure the new roof meets all of Semper Fi’s Quality Standards for the homeowner.  The shingles have a lifetime guarantee and, when we’re talking about a roof, it has to be right to keep your family and property safe.



Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick with Semper Fi Exteriors and there goes Ben running away. Say hi, Ben!

Ben: Hi guys!


Nick: Ben and I are out here today doing a quality control check on a roof that we just recently completed. So we’re going by, you could see some of the step flashing there and check the roof out here. And it’s a lifetime shingle which is pretty cool. I’ll come up here just so you could see a little bit more of what’s going on, you could see that the roof is a pretty good-sized roof. I think if I can remember it right, it was 66 squares, so about 6,600 square feet of rooting and pretty steep in certain parts and a pretty cool project that’s right here on Great Falls, right on George Town Pike. So anyways, we’re doing a quick quality control checks. So you could see it here, everything looks good, we’re gonna give the homeowner the thumbs up and I hope you enjoyed this video. Say bye, Ben.

Ben: Bye guys.