Insurance companies don’t just give new roofs away. A good contractor will work with you and your insurance company to help you protect your home.



00:04 Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick with Semper Fi Exteriors. Let me show you what we have going on here. Check this out. See all these lines and these marks, and you can see the shingles propped up? I know there’s probably a glare on there, I’m getting a suntan on the roof today, I think, although at least it’s a little windy, definitely hot, it’s probably… I don’t know, 85 degrees out here or something. But check this out, I’m walking down the part of the roof and look at these shingles. So, here’s what happened. I’m gonna walk over here and show you a little bit more but what’s going on, is this. The insurance company came out, they sent their adjuster, I met him out here, the homeowner met him out here, and essentially what they said is that there is no damage to this roof. Well, I don’t know about you. Sure looks like damage to me.

00:46 Nick: So all that stuff there is wind damage. Insurance companies, if shingles are ever loose, like to actually say that there’s no wind damage, that stuff happens every so often. As a company though, what we do is we’re gonna work with that insurance company and work with you really on your behalf, I guess is what I’m trying to say to do what we need to do to prove to them and to give them the evidence that there is damage. So we came out, we marked all the damaged shingles, we propped them all up so that we could show the insurance company. Little steep by the way on part of this roof. Anyways, as you could see right here. Check this stuff out. All that stuff there is wind damage. And the cool thing is, is this. What we’re gonna do now that we have it documented, is we’ll send it over to the insurance company. And if they approve it, wonderful. If they don’t, we have other steps that we can go as well and show them that there is damage.

01:29 Nick: You could see, I didn’t mark anything on the front yet, and I’m actually not gonna mark the front at this moment because there are shingles like this on the front. Sorry, I’m out of breath, man, it is hot up here and I’ve been up here for a couple of hours doing this. I guess the key is this. We’re gonna do what we need to do to prove to the insurance companies that there is damage. We never have a homeowner call in a claim unless there’s true damage. And here in this case, again, you could see this stuff here… Is real damage. By the way, I’m thinking of going and jumping on a trampoline here in a couple of minutes. I’m just kidding around. Anyways, hey, have a great day. Hope this helps you out. One other thing too is from the ground, the homeowner never would have seen this. I couldn’t see it from the ground, because when a shingle flips back from wind, it lays back down. So, we have to get up here and we actually have to check and test every single shingle, so once again… Check it out. Hey, have a great day.