Project Management Software is a fantastic way to create teamwork, ownership, and accountability to a business.  Find out how and why PM software has been an amazing asset to Semper Fi Exteriors, and how you can use it in your business.



00:00: Hey, how are you? Nick Bonadies here. Wanna take just a quick minute and talk to you about something that I think will really help your business. If you’re a small business or a medium business, I find that most small businesses to medium businesses don’t have this in place, and if they do, it’s working great for them, and they’re propelling their business forward much faster than somebody that doesn’t. And that’s a project management software.

00:20: What happens is this, typically in a small business, the owner will send an email or they’ll go to somebody and say, “Hey, can you do this particular task.” Which this particular task is gonna move the business forward. And then the owner has to either follow up or they have to try to remember to follow up, a lot of them assign the task to a good person within the company, but what happens is it sort of falls off and it may never get done or it doesn’t get done within a certain time frame. Here’s what the project management software does. It creates a system within the company of accountability, and it also creates a system of that we are going to get things done come hell or high water, and we’re gonna move things forward. Then it’s not them… The people I should say, it’s not them answering to you, yes, ultimately it is, but what they’re doing is they’re answering to the project management software.

01:09: So let me give an example in one of my businesses. We have a project management software called Teamwork Projects, and it works great, and I might put a certain task in there, and it has due dates. You can customize these things, most of them are very highly customizable, but I’ll put a due date in there of next Tuesday, for example, and then I send that task out. So it has nothing to do with me at that point, it’s that person’s job to get that done within that time frame. They can comment on it, they can do different percentages, they might even need to rally the team. Here’s the key, in my company, in this particular company, what we’ve got is; It is not okay not to have that project done.

01:49: Now, that person is allowed or able to come to me and to say, “Hey, I need help, I need more resources, I don’t understand all that stuff there.” But what happens is it has to be done before the due date, it can’t be done the day before, it has to be done several days before. So, here’s what happens within my company and other companies that have project software, it is a company of accountability, and there is no, “I didn’t do it, I forgot, I didn’t get it done in time.” You can not change the due dates. So what happens is, it’s a company that is moving forward constantly, and it moves forward at a very, very rapid rate because of this project management software. So it’s not me driving the business, ultimately, yes it is. But really what it is, is it’s the project management driving forward this business because many people can put projects in there to drive forward their section in their sector of the business.

02:42: Thought this might help. I highly recommend you check into it. I’ll do a follow-up update, there’s actually a lot to this. But I’ll do a follow-up… Oh, I don’t know, I’m drawing a blank here. I’ll follow-up a video to help you out. Sorry about drawing a blank. It’s one of those days. Anyways, I hope this helps out a little bit, I highly recommend checking into a project management software.