This homeowner’s insurance company only wanted to replace the damaged shingles. A brittle test soon determined that wasn’t possible. With a quality inspection report sent to the insurance company, they agreed to pay for a new roof!



Hey, how are you? It’s Nick with Semper Fi Exteriors. I want to show you what’s going on with this roof real quick. We came out a couple of weeks ago, and we saw some missing shingles, some damaged shingles. The insurance company came out, they saw the same thing, but they didn’t actually pay for the full roof to be replaced. They wanted us to repair the shingles, so we did an ITEL report. This third-party independent laboratory assesses the shingles, and they came up with [the roof] cannot be replaced. They don’t make the shingles anymore, so we had to do what we did, what we call a brittle test to check this out in the real quick, this is a brittle test right here, you can see that these have failed, so let me just show you why they failed and what’s going on. So here, for example, is one of the shingles that’s broken.

See that crease right there.

Alright, we’ve got another one there, and what happens is to be able to get to… This single comes all the way over to here, and I’m sorry to hear to be able to get to repair the thing, we have to lift the shingle up like that, to be able to swing a hammer. To hit those nails.

And here’s what happens, So as we did that, you can see that the single broke right there; hopefully, you can see that, and also check this out, it’s so brittle that the whole thing broke over here.

So here’s what happens, it’s a domino effect, so then we have to replace the ones up above it and above it, and we have shingles, I don’t know if you could see a way down there. Still, we have some singles over there as well that are missing. So what happens is, this roof has actually been deemed un-repairable because every time that we try to lift the shingle up to repair it, it’s a snaps-off. We have a bunch of the front here as well, but I just wanted to show you what’s going on here? Hopefully, that helps you out a little bit. Let us know if you have any questions.