Sometimes getting insurance to pay for a new roof is a piece of cake. Other times, it takes a carefully laid out claim with the help of a qualified contractor.



00:03 Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick here with Semper Fi Exteriors. Let me show you what I’m looking at in this roof. The homeowner put the claim, and it’s a good friend of mine, and put the claim in, and the insurance company is really going back and forth saying that there’s no damage here. Well, check these lines out, every one of these lines are shingles that are lifted from wind, and I just did part of the roof, there’s, I don’t know, hundreds of them here, it looks like. I’m actually getting ready to go through and count them ’cause I have to do that as well, but let me show you what these lines represent. So if you’ll look right here, I’m just gonna grab a section here just to show you, these shingles, if you could see them, are actually all lifted up and loose, and actually, you could see this one right here, this one is not even nailed down anymore, literally it’s coming up, and that’s just representative of one spot on all of these lines here. So what happens is, sometimes we have to work with a homeowner to get them proof to actually get to their insurance company to show that there’s damage on the roof, we’re going back and forth. I have no doubt that we’ll get this one approved by the insurance company for the homeowner. I got a lot more work to do ’cause I have to prop every one of these shingles up, so keep an eye out for that. Have a great one.