Wind, hail, and softening make this 20-year-old roof a strong candidate for replacement. The soft metal test shows just how much hail damage this roof has received.


Yeah, I’m that guy from Semper Fi, and the name is Mike. I’m back at it again, check it out, I’m up on the roof, because a customer called, called in from one of the flyers and pamphlets of information I left. And here is what we’ve got so far. Just walking through – take a look at this. There is some wind damage, there is some hail damage, of course, if you haven’t watched my videos by now, you don’t know what that is, but the hail is obviously in circles, and the wind is the lines.

So the reason why I wanted to record this property because look at this, all that, this roof was installed 20 years ago says, and he’s been in the home ever since and says he thinks the roof is in pretty good shape. And then, I also wanted to document this on video. Ready for this? Am I see something when I step up here on this roof. Right there, look at that. It’s soft right there when you step on it, so it’s kind of dangerous.