Mike talks about the importance of regular roof inspections – all of this damage happened in a short time and is impossible to see from the ground.



Good morning, Happy New Year. I’m that guy with Semper Fi; my name is Mike. Name is Mike, I’m back at it.

Listen, guys, it is very important that you guys get your roof inspected every year, and the reason why I wanna tell you this is because this homeowner had his roof inspected at the beginning of last year. He said around February, but as you can see, he’s got some front damage on it, on this roof. He has damage on the front part, hail equals 15 plus. I got about 18 hail hits or so, and then the wind damage with 25. And you could see all the wind… Look at that stuff. Boy.

And again, he said he couldn’t see any of the stuff from the road. Now, here is your soft metals, right? [It’s] a little wet up here, so I can’t really get a good indicator of some hail hits.

But as you see, there’s a little bit here and there. And here. There you go. That’s what we’re looking for. See those brown oval areas like that, like that, like that?

But now I’ll check this out. I propped some single to show you how bad this guy’s roof is, and some hail hit right there. I ran out of chalk, man. I’ve got a missing single there, and you couldn’t see it from the ground.

That was the kicker.

These are some big gigantic hall hits when you’re looking down from the ground, you can’t see this, you can only see this when you’re up on the roof, look at this, it’s like the hail just kinda use this guy’s roof for target practice, there’s so many hits right here like. Yeah, it’s like a baseball bat, er, baseball-size rather.

So they listen to that guy with Semper Fi; my name is Mike. Happy New Year. Be safe out there.