This home has multiple types of roofing – and they display wind and hail damage in very telling ways.



Hey, it’s Nick Bonadies from Semper Fi Exteriors here. And let me show you what we’re finding in this house.  There is a ton of damage, so check this out right here real quick. All these lines right here are wind damage, so you could see where it’s lifted up. All that stuff right there in that crease is wind damage. I’ll see if I can find a few more. Here’s a few more over here, so you can see a couple there, there are three or four of ’em up there. And this house also got hit with hail.

So check this out here as I’m getting off the roof. I’m gonna jump down to the lower section here.

So check this out, all these circles right here, are hail. Typically what we do is just look for about 10 of them or so in a small area, 10 by 10 area.

Check it out. There’s one there, there’s one there, another one there, and the homeowner has a bunch of different roof styles. So this is a flat roof, the one over here is a gable roof. Then we’ve got this big metal roof here, so I’m going to walk you over here and see if I can do it without tripping and falling on the ground, so a bunch of hail damage and stuff here as well, so check this out… So all of these little circles here for those little divets… All that stuff is hail damage, and then I’m gonna walk you up on this other part of the root here as well, oops I’ve got something in my eye here, and I’ll show you what we’re finding up here as well, lots of damage, self or…

[I’m getting old; I have to jump up on the roofs.] So we’ve got some damaged shingles. I see these creases, all that stuff is wind damage. Here’s another one here. Right there, here’s a few here.

So again, what happens is the wind catches it, and it creates that crease there. Let’s see if I can find one or two more here as we’re walking around. Here’s a few more. There’s two right there. There are three right there. Another one right there.

So it’s all over the house.

And you could see that what it did is it came from this direction here, hit this side and that side over there. There’s a couple of more over there. I’ll zoom in real quick. So there’s a few. There’s a few there. And what happens is the wind catches it, lifts the shingles, creates damage, and then hail sometimes obviously hits. So here’s some more hail damage, all these divets and dents. We use the chalk, by the way, to be able to sort of highlight what is damage and what is not from hail.

So hope this was a helpful video. Have a great day.