Nick inspects an old gravel roof for a homeowner in Alexandria. Semper Fi Exteriors does all kinds of roofing jobs.



Hey, how are you? It’s Nick with Semper Fi Exteriors. I wanna show you a roof I’m on right now. A lot of times we do videos for insurance and stuff like that whenever we’re looking at roofs, but we also do flat roofs, so check this out right here. This is the old gravel, flat type of roof, and literally, if you look right here, it literally has stones and gravel on top. And a lot of people switch it over to more of a flat roll roof like this right here, where you can see the neighbor over here. So these folks are having some leaks inside and we’re out here checking it out and evaluating the roof to see if it needs to be replaced or not, so we do this stuff all the time. We’re in Alexandria city today, so you could see the surrounding areas and stuff, I love Alexandria, it’s a wonderful area. But I just wanted to let you know that we do flat roofing as well. I hope you enjoy this video.