It’s another beautiful Virginia day and Nick is up on the roof spotting those tell tale signs of wind damage. It just goes to show that it might look great from the ground, but there can be problems lurking.



00:03 Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick. I wanna show you what we’re finding on this roof here real quick. At first glance from the ground, there really wasn’t anything wrong with it but check it out. When we get up here, this is what we’re seeing. So all of this stuff here is wind damage. See these lines? And see right here, just for example, see that dark crease going across the front or right here you could see that crease? Here is some more there. And what that is… I’m gonna walk up and show you a little bit more, but what that is… All that stuff is wind damage. So if you look right here, you could see all the lines in my silhouette from the sun. It’s gorgeous up here today by the way.

00:36 Nick: Anyways, here is another example. See, it’s lifted. But see that dark line going across there? All that stuff is deemed wind damage. The other thing is the guy has a bunch of missing shingles. I’ll show you just a couple here. Here’s our neighborhood today by the way. As you know, I love getting on roofs and doing this stuff. But here’s a couple of missing shingles, for example, and we’ve got some other missing shingles right there. So this roof is definitely something we can put through the insurance company and get them to pay for.

01:05 Nick: I wanted to show you what’s happening. We’re out in Ashburn, Virginia today, gorgeous morning, and this home will end up getting a brand new roof at no cost.