Nick and Thomas brave a steep roof to investigate lots of wind damage and shingles that fair the brittle test. A brittle test gave the homeowner a new roof from the insurance company, instead of the initial roof repair.



Nick: Hi, how are you? It’s Nick Bonadies from Semper Fi Exteriors. I’m here with Thomas today. Thomas, say hi!

Thomas: How are you doing, guys?

Nick: Alright, cool. Talk to us about what you see going on on this roof, Thomas.

Thomas: Alright, well, it’s about a year old, a fiberglass [three tab] roof, a lot of wind damage up here, they had some singles replace, but they have a lot of wind damage

Nick: So Thomas, what are all those lines there? I see a whole bunch of lines in the background.

Thomas: They’re on damage singles, so at the top… I don’t know if you can see them.

Nick: Show us like right here, what is this?

Thomas: So it’s a wind-damaged shingle. This crease up here, it just shows that the shingle is going up with all the high winds that are in the area.

Nick: Alright, and then Thomas, what is this back here? Hold on one second, guys. I gotta make my way to the roof… We’re on a really steep roof here today. So Thomas, this B + T = Fail. What is this right here?

Thomas: That’s the brittle test.

Nick: We’re on the less, the less steep part here, by the way, guys, so see. So what is this? So we basically it’s a test.

So with this test, we bring it up to a 90-degree angle to determine to see the brittle test because you can tell right here the shingles actually kind of breaking. You can tell that the shingles are also going up with it. So it’s a test to determine the strength of the shingle.

So what happens is, I’m gonna show you guys right here when we do them. You could see this line right here. But if you look to replace a shingle, we have to be able to get to these nails right here. So I don’t know if you can see that, so we have to lift this one up at a 90-degree angle. What happened was this insurance company said that… I think it was 27 singles of wind damage, they agreed with that, but then they said that we couldn’t replace [the roof]. They wanted just those shingles replaced. Well, this test here shows that we are not able to replace them without damaging the other singles around. It’s accepted by the insurance company, so what’s gonna happen is we’ll send this information over to the insurance company. And Thomas I’m assuming we’re gonna get him a whole new roof, is the right?

Thomas: Yeah, [inaudible]

Nick: You can’t see them. Thomas’s phone just took a tumble. Like I said, we’re on a steep roof […] So there you go. Say goodbye, Thomas.

Thomas: See you guys