If you have builder-grade windows in your home, they may look nice at first glance. But after a few years of being exposed to the elements, these windows will start showing their age and become drafty. This can lead to higher heating bills and cold drafts throughout your house – not what you want when it is wintertime! In this blog post, we will outline all of the benefits that come with upgrading from builder-grade windows to high-quality ones.

How to know if you have builder-grade windows

Builder-grade windows are often referred to as “contractor” or “builder” grades. These stripped-down, no-frills lower quality windows mean that builders and developers purchase these low-end windows at a cheaper cost so they can be more competitive. Often, however, builder’s grades don’t meet energy efficiency standards which means the poor materials will fail within 5 – 10 years of being installed in new houses!

Why do you need to upgrade your builder-grade windows

These are not the kind of windows that will keep you safe and provide comfort in the long run. They don’t last for very long, nor do they withstand a lot of pressure which is why it’s crucial to think about home window replacement as fast as possible. This might sound unfair, but builders want to increase their profits by cutting costs – so this tactic isn’t rare at all!

Builder-grade windows:

  Have a lower R-value and less insulation, air infiltration

  Have Inadequate weatherstripping than more expensive, higher quality windows. They are poorly fitted with cheap, subpar weather stripping that fails to keep out drafts.

  Can make a home more susceptible to moisture damage like mold growth in between window panes due to seal failure

  It is not energy efficient and does not provide adequate protection against UV rays.

  Can let in excessive noise from outside

  Can not withstand extreme weather conditions like high winds or hail storms

  It cannot be customized to your needs.

  Tend to not open fully due to cheap, low-quality mechanisms. You’ll need a ladder   to reach the outside of your window, and this is dangerous as well as annoying because most homeowners prefer not to take such risks.

  Needs replacement every few years.

  Most builder-grade windows have a 10-year warranty that is prorated and will need further repairs or replacing in approximately ten years.

  You can’t replace the glass in builder-grade windows when they break. This is because most of these windows are meant to be replaced and not repaired, even if it breaks a year into having them installed. 

The big question: How long do builder-grade windows last?

Even though they keep the rain out and have glass, the quality windows can last thirty years, while your builder-grade window will only be in good shape for five. If you’re trying to stretch it beyond ten years, expect worn-down windows with poor insulation.

Why put up with shoddy building-quality windows when you can have beautiful new high-quality ones? Semper Fi Exteriors swaps your old builder-grade window for a custom, lifetime replacement. We also help with installation and maintenance advice so that the transformation goes smoothly!