The exterior of your home needs adequate protection to safeguard your investment correctly. That’s the primary role of your siding. Siding prevents any external damages that might lessen the value of your home. And fire is a common culprit here.

While you certainly can’t fool-proof your home against every hazard imaginable, it’s always good practice to protect it from extreme dangers like fire. You can make sure your home is more fire-resistant by investing in fire-resistant siding.

These sidings are made of less combustible materials that can stand up to extreme heat, thereby protecting your home even when there’s a fire. Some main advantages of installing fire-resistant siding include:

1. Additional Durability

Protecting your home against fire is just one advantage of using fire-resistant siding. The materials used to manufacture these types of siding are also highly durable that can even resist freeze/thaw cycles, insect activity, and cracks and dents from impact.

Cladding your home in fire-resistant siding will increase the durability of its exterior parts. This also means increased peace of mind and decreased maintenance, and even fewer repairs required.

2. Amazing Look

With so many siding styles available in the market today, you can order your siding to have a perfect look that mimics your preferred style and texture. It works on all architecture. You can order your siding to mimic wood without worrying about the constant upkeep, or a historic colonial house, and more.

Most fireproof siding comes in beautiful colors that can last for several years without the need to repaint.

3. Low Maintenance

Because fire-resistant siding is made from highly durable and resistant materials, they require very little maintenance. They don’t crack or dent easily or need constant upkeep, unlike other siding options.

Fire-resistant siding is very low maintenance, making it the preferred option for many homeowners who don’t always have the time to tend to their siding. A simple since once or twice a year with a garden hose should remove any dust or dirt that sticks on it.

4. Pest Resistant

The materials used to make fire-resistant siding make it unappealing to pests that can plague other types of siding. Termites and carpenter ants, in particular, are very fond of wood siding. Woodpeckers and burrowing pests also can’t drill into it.

5. Impressive Return on Investment

The fire-resistant siding properties make it a great return on investment because you get to enjoy your siding without worrying about stray sparks or fires. Plus, they can last for decades with minimal repair and maintenance costs.

Fireproof Your Home Today

When thinking of preparing your home for fire accidents, you should start with fire-resistant siding. Hire professional roofing contractors to install your siding the right way. You never have to worry about fires or pests or maintenance and repairs again.

Fireproofing your home is vital, especially when you stay in an area that’s prone to wildfires. Contact Us at Semper Fi Exteriors for more information on fire-resistant siding today. Our team of experts will answer any questions you have.