No homeowner likes to see water leaking from their ceiling. There’s just never a convenient time to start having a leaking roof. You must take immediate action whenever your roof springs a leak.

However, you can follow a few steps to mitigate the damages of roof leaks and minimize costs. More importantly, these steps will help prevent future leaks for your roof.

Move Your Belongings Out of the Way

Whenever you have a leaking roof, the first thing to do is remove all your possessions from the leaking area. If there’s a leak over your furniture, bed, or clothing, the best course of action is to move them.

Water damage can destroy your paper documents. Some fabrics can also get stained or permanently damaged by water, while others trap moisture, creating a dreadful mildew smell.

Contain the Water

The next step is to try and contain the leaking water as much as possible. You can trap the water using buckets, towels, and just about anything else that can capture the leaking water. This helps reduce the impact and damage caused by the water.

Relieve Water Pressure

Excessive water can cause your ceiling to collect in one spot and bulge. And although it may seem unwise, poking a small hole in the bulging area might help relieve some of the pressure. This also prevents the water from spreading to other parts of the ceiling, which can cause even more damage.

Find the Source

After containing the water, you want to try and locate its original point of entry. You can start by checking the attic if you can reach it. Search for gaps, holes, and signs of visible water damage.

In most instances, you may need to call a professional to inspect the damage. But still, it’s best to know where the leak is coming from and assess the damage in advance. A professional roofing contractor will inspect your roof and repair any leaks in the best and most efficient way.

Time for Professionals

The best course of action when you notice a leak in your roof is to call a professional roofer. The longer you wait to address the leak, the worse it could get. Hire a professional roofer at Semper Fi Exteriors to repair and the leaking area and assess other roof sections that may need addressing.

Don’t let your leaking roof get worse. Hire an expert today to ensure you are not at risk for mold, mildew, or fungus-related problems.

Contact our professional roofers today for a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free roofing consultation.