Most of the damage to a roof is caused by weather elements and severe weather, but sometimes it is due to human error. These errors will not necessarily mean a person is ‘dumb’ but somewhat distracted and unaware of what their actions will cause. These are some of the actions taken or not taken that can damage a roof.

Pressure Washing


If a pressure washer is used too often on a roof, the pressurized water can erode the surface. While these machines are often used to clean dirty surfaces around a house, cleaning a rooftop surface is not the best choice. A pressure washer can remove the protective granules from your shingles and can damage delicate roofing materials. The other problem with a pressure washer is the operator has to walk across the shingles to reach the entire area. If you carelessly walk on your roof, it can cause damage to the underlayment and result in the shingles collapsing.

Removing Shingles


When shingles are pulled up to check for leaks in your roof, they can cause significant damage and create leaks where they didn’t exist. Inspecting your roof is not a good idea as it will require you to walk across the surface, and as stated above, this can result in damage to the underlayment. You should always have a professional roofing expert, such as Semper Fi Exteriors LLC, perform an inspection.

Leaving Branches Hang Over a Roof


Failing to trim branches that hang over your roof puts it at risk for significant damage. Storms that blow in can cause the components to break off and damage the surface of your roof and the shingles protecting it. There is also a potential threat from the leaves and small branches that fall off and create an accumulation of debris that can hold a lot of water. This pooling of water can cause decomposition to many types of roofs and metal roofs to rust.

Leaving Gutters Full of Debris


The gutters on your house are to allow water to flow down to the ground from your roof. If these are not routinely cleaned of debris, excess water will flow where it is not supposed to, which means onto your roof and causing damage.

Where to Learn More About Roof Inspections


Semper Fi Exteriors LLC is here for you to perform a professional roof inspection. These can be done in person or virtually. We have the knowledge and experience to perform an inspection and the work necessary to ensure the roof over your head provides complete protection.

If you think your roof has suffered damage or want to make sure it is ready for the upcoming weather, call us and schedule an appointment for a free inspection. We are up and ready to repair your roof from the small to the extensive repairs and will work with you and your insurance to make sure your roof is returned to 100% protection for your home.