Maintaining your cedar siding is essential to preserve the beauty of your home. Maintain it, and you’ll enjoy a gorgeous exterior for years to come. Neglect it, and you could end up with rotting wood that will need to be replaced at an inconvenient time. Here are some tips on how to maintain your cedar siding:

•  Use a pressure washer brush attachment set to a low pressure to clean off dirt and grime from siding surfaces

•  Apply a coat of sealant every two years (or more often if needed) to protect the wood from water damage and sun exposure

•  Limit moisture around the siding to help prevent cracking and warping

•  When repainting your cedar, make sure you use paint designed for exterior use on wood

•  Remove any debris that can collect near your siding, including dead leaves and other organic material. This will prevent moisture build-up, which could lead to rot or peeling paint.

•  Termite infestation can be a real problem for cedar siding. Termites can eat through the wood and cause extensive damage. Check regularly for signs of infestation, and be sure to get a professional inspection if you notice any signs of activity.

•  Discoloration can be another problem that can affect cedar siding. Extractives bleeding is a natural process that happens as the wood ages and can cause discoloration. Maintaining your wood with protective sealant and keeping it clean will help reduce the chance of this occurring.

•  If iron nails are used to attach the siding, they can rust and cause stains. Be sure to use stainless steel nails or remove the rusted nails and replace them with new ones.

•  Your attic’s insulation also plays a role in maintaining your cedar siding. Maintain the insulation to prevent moisture build-up, leading to rot, peeling paint, or mold growth.

•  Prime your cedar siding before painting it each time to ensure good coverage and a long-lasting paint job. Sanding your siding before priming will ensure that the primer adheres well to the wood and fills any cracks or crevices.

•  If you notice your cedar siding is starting to warp, it’s best just to reattach loose boards before they become a bigger problem. A pneumatic nail gun can make this job much more accessible and save you time and money in the long run.

•  Rotted wood should be repaired as soon as possible. Replacing rotted siding is costly, so it’s worth taking the time to inspect your cedar regularly for any signs of rot or decay. Maintain your cedar, and you’ll enjoy beautiful exterior accent features that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. 

Whether you’re looking to install cedar siding on a new home or you want to maintain your current siding, we can help.