It’s the DIY season! This time of year, many homeowners are planning DIY projects for their homes. While DIY projects can save you a lot of money, they also have the potential to create some pretty big disasters. This blog post will discuss 5 DIY roofing fails that you may want to reconsider if you consider a do-it-yourself project.

Adding an additional new layer of shingles


Adding an additional new layer of shingles to an old roof is not always the best idea. While new shingles can ensure a more secure and waterproof roof, they should not be added to an old or worn-out layer of shingles. New layers may cause older roofs to rot faster from moisture trapped between the new and old layers. If you are planning on adding new shingles as part of your DIY project, make sure that you are also replacing any rotted areas with new wood before applying new shingles over them.

Trimming Trees in the wrong way could damage your roof


Perhaps the roof makes it too hard to reach branches with an extension trimmer, or maybe it’s just negligence. You never want branches hanging over your roof. This is asking for clogged gutters that fail and moss growth on the shingles.
For some homeowners with many trees around their house, trimming them can become quite difficult without proper tools like climbing spikes and ropes. It makes reaching high areas much more accessible (not recommended if you are new to tree trimming). If you do not feel comfortable doing this kind of work yourself, consider hiring someone to prune any dangerous branches near your home instead!

Powerwashing your roof for the extra clean look


Powerwashing your roof can damage it and cause new shingles to peel. If you are looking for a new look, consider cleaning your roof with environmentally safe chemicals instead of power washing it!
To clean your roof and avoid any safety hazards, hire a team of professionals who safely do the job.

Pulling up shingles to investigate leaks


When leaks happen, it’s only natural to want to pull up the shingles and investigate. However, you should avoid this practice because pulling up new or old shingles can cause serious damage if done improperly!

Repairing skylights


Skylights are one of the leakiest components of a roof. If not correctly installed, they can wreak havoc on your roof, ceiling, and the room below. Skylight leaks have become such an issue that manufacturers began making special repairs kits for them.



DIY projects can save you some money, but DIY roofing is not always the best idea. If you are considering making DIY repairs to your roof, make sure that you hire professional help for any tasks regarded as dangerous, like pruning branches near your home.

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