Semper Fi loves to have customer referrals and that’s what we’re doing today. Inspecting the roof and helping the homeowners get a new roof from their insurance company.



Hey, how are you? It’s Nick Bonadies with Semper Fi Exteriors, and I’m out here with Harjot. Harjot, say hi. Harjot is up on the roof, marking some stuff, and I ran out to meet him on this project. And this is a neighbor…we actually did that neighbor two doors down, right there, over there. And then, if we look across the street, we did that neighbor right over there recently. These neighbors are over in Springfield, we did their house in the last few months here, and we’re out here looking at this roof. Let me show you what we’re finding.

There’s a bunch of wind damage, so here’s where Harjot marked right there. By the way, what happens is, when you see that line, that’s an indicator of it [wind damage]. Here’s another one here, we got another one here. You could see there’s some here, there’s this one here, so we’ve got 9 wind damaged shingles on the rear. And then there’s this really weird thing here. This is actually Ice and Water Shield; what it’s doing on somebody’s roof like this, I have no clue. I’m guessing that there’s some damaged shingles underneath that. So this roof has got a lot of damage on it. Again, here’s another one, there’s another one, you could see where Harjot is. I think there’s eight on that side, and there’s another three over here, we have several of them over here as well, so what we’re doing is we’re marking this.

The home one called us out, initially thinking that they had to pay out of pocket for their roof. And they still can, although there’s enough damage on here that the insurance company should cover it because all this is legit damage from wind. So you can see on the front here, for example, we have four. And I’ll show you right here. Again, there’s that shingle, and there’s that line going across the. That’s considered wind damage with the insurance company.

Anyway, I wanted to show what we’re finding on this roof. Harjot say goodbye. Have a great one!