00:02 Nick Bonadies: Hey, how are you, it’s Nick Bonadies with Semper Fi Exteriors. Let me show you what we have going on on this roof. We just met the adjuster from Allstate, and lots of things going on here, there’s a lot of wind damage and stuff like that. Initially they approved part of the roof, but not the whole roof, so we met the adjuster back out here on a re-inspect, and here’s what we have going on.

00:17 NB: So you could see right here, that’s where we tried to do a repair, and you could see that it damaged all the shingles around it, so you can see this line right here, all of that’s damage, you can also see the line right here, and some of these other wind-creased shingles, all this is wind damage, so you can see right here, see that line, all of that is wind damage. Whoa! Alright, and we’re up here again, just meeting the adjuster, so you could see a little bit more here. They did a brittle test, and what a brittle test is, is it checks to see how brittle the roof is, so it’s kind of tough to see ’cause they wrote over it, but you can see right there, see how the granules… Where am I… Are literally falling off.

01:00 NB: So that failed the brittle test. So you could see, they’ve got a bunch of wind damage on the back, bunch of wind damage and stuff on the front, so you could see all those lines, so this thing should get approved for the homeowner, we should be able to get him a new roof and you could see the sky over there about to let loose. So I’m jumping off the roof. I hope this helped you out, I hope you enjoyed the video.