So, you finally decided to install replacement windows for your home before the fall. Replacement windows are a significant investment for every home. They can increase your home value, cut energy costs, and update the aesthetics.

However, before installing your new replacement windows, there are a few essential tips you should know:

1. Move Everything Away from the Window

You will have to remove your old windows first before installing the new ones. You can make your contractor’s work easier by removing everything not needed for the project away from the surrounding windows.

Your contractor should be able to access the working site easily. So, ensure you also provide a clear pathway and space for your window installer to work with.

2. Remove Any Window Treatments

Before installing replacement windows, you also need to remove any window treatments like sheers, blinds, and curtains. Remove any decorations and paintings hanging near the windows as well. Otherwise, the contractor may end up knocking them down and breaking or damaging them accidentally when installing your replacement windows.

No matter how careful your window installer may be, an accident might occur. It’s better to safeguard your property.

3. Cover the Floors and Furniture

Replacing old windows with new ones can be a messy job. So, you should prepare yourself for a bit of mess in the process. Your contractor will put down a drop cloth to cover your floors and furniture not to get damaged when installing your new windows.

It is also best to cover your floors and nearby furniture if the installation process gets too dusty and messy.

4. Consider Your Budget

Another essential factor you must consider is the budget for the entire project. Replacement windows are a considerable investment. But they pay off both in the short-term and long-term for any home. However, the installation budget should still make sense. In some cases, it would make more financial sense to have your old windows repaired instead.

Whatever you choose, Semper Fi Exteriors offers free consultations and has experienced contractors for your replacement windows. You can be sure that your window replacement project will fit within your budget.

5. Allow Access to Your Home

Your contractors will need access to your home during the installation process. Therefore, you must make precise arrangements to ensure easy access and not delay the installation process.

Show your contractors which doors and tools they can use. Also, if you have pets or young children, keep them away from the working area. You don’t want them to find or ingest any construction material accidentally.

Looking for a Professional Replacement Window Contractor?

Semper Fi Exteriors has a team of professional window installers to help you plan ahead of your window replacement project. We do all the hard work to ensure the successful completion of your replacement window project.

Drop us a line today for a free consultation and more information about replacing your windows before the fall.