Your home is your safety net— one of the most vital elements that safeguard the valuables within it is the siding. But sadly, the sidings are neither foolproof nor can they evade the sands of time, especially given the outside forces that cause their wear and tear.

That said, being conversant with what causes siding problems and having a renowned siding contractor on standby will help ensure that the siding of your house remains pristine for years on end. Continue reading to find out the common causes of siding problems and ways of avoiding them.

1. Pest attack

Various types of sidings (especially wood) are prone to attack by various insects, such as carpenter bees, termites, and beetles. Moreover, animals like woodpeckers are also known to cause damage to sidings.

Luckily, you can prevent these pests from damaging your sidings by using pesticides or applying hot water. Be sure to use eco-friendly pesticides on the trees surrounding your house that may be the source of the pests. This will ensure that you get rid of them without having to damage the trees.

2. Installation errors

Not all contractors possess equal siding installation expertise. If you have your siding installed by a quack, it will probably show signs of damage within barely two years. Don’t be in haste; ensure you research different contractors before settling on the best one. You can seek recommendations from friends, family or outrightly search for a contractor via various online platforms.

While seeking an expert contractor may be daunting, the benefits are worth the trouble—the contractor will save you from the hassle of having to spend money on maintenance now and then.

3. Moisture

Suppose you have plants around your house and the contractor failed to install a waterproof barrier; your home’s siding may get damaged. Among the telltale signs of a damaged siding include buckling, warping, or even the formation of algae and mold. You can avoid this problem by installing your siding correctly such that it has good airflow.

4. Poor maintenance habits

While most sidings today are marked as low maintenance, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect to maintain your home. Ensure that you carry out regular maintenance, ideally once a year. Additionally, you should carry out maintenance after bad weather occurrences such as storms. Undertaking regular maintenance will ensure that you catch any damages while they are still trivial.

5. Unfavorable weather

Various weather conditions can take a toll on your sidings. For instance, as the winter ice freezes and cracks, it may cause damage to your sidings. Similarly, a strong wind may cause some cracks on the sidings. Your best course of action to nub any damages caused by unfavorable weather is to contact a contractor for maintenance services.

6. Fading

The ultraviolet rays from sunlight may cause discoloration. As such, it makes your siding attain an unbalanced appearance that’s unappealing. Ensure that you use products that do not fade when installing or repairing your siding.

Say goodbye to siding issues

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