Expecting wind damage, Nick finds hail damage. See the effects of hail on a roof and how roofing companies test for damage.



00:03 Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick here. I wanna show you a roof that we’re looking at right now where we’re doing an inspection on it, and I actually got up on the roof thinking we were gonna find some wind damage and stuff like that potentially, but we actually ended up finding hail damage. So let me show you a couple of things that we’re finding. So if you’ll look right here, see all these marks right here, all that stuff right there… By the way, the chalk helps to actually bring out the hail so we can see it, it’s probably a little tough to see, but see all these marks right here, here, you could see them even without the chalk. See them all right here, and they go all down the side, they’re all on top, and the chalk helps to bring it out so we can actually see it. You could see a bunch of the marks on the roof here that we did on the front. Also back here, you can see the ridge vent right there. But let me show you a little bit of what this looks like real quick.

00:47 Nick: So if you look right here, there’s one right there, here’s another one right here, here is one right here, for example, and here’s one… And I’ll use this one, what happens is this, when we go to do the test on it, we have to see the mark itself, but we also, the mat underneath has to be bruised, which means it has to be soft. Basically, it feels like a soft tomato, I guess is the best way to explain it. So this roof is definitely one that we will recommend to the homeowner to put through the insurance company. I don’t see any reason that the insurance company wouldn’t come out and actually replace this roof, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with it, but wanted to show you what we’re finding on this roof. Have a great day.