Looking up at your roof gives you a false sense of security. Problems are lurking just outside your view.



00:03 Nick Bonadies: Hey, how are you? Nick Bonadies here with Semper Fi. Let me show you a couple of things that we’re finding on this roof here, the homeowner actually didn’t know that they had wind or hail damage. So I’m gonna walk around here, you can kinda see the neighborhood real quick. And let me walk you over here real quick and just show you a couple of things. I’m gonna stop right here. Check this out.

00:20 NB: So what we have if you look… Oh, I’m on the wrong shingle. See these lines here? And then you can see how it’s actually loose. So what happens is this, when wind hits the house, you can’t see this from the ground. So whenever I knocked on this homeowner’s door, they had no idea that there was wind or hail damage. So show you a couple of more. So see this line, see the line, that’s from shingles getting caught by the wind and flipping backwards, so that’s the stuff that we look for whenever we’re actually inspecting roofs.

00:48 NB: I’m gonna show you just two more things. There’s another one right there, see the line? That’s where the asphalt has come off. But then check this out, the homeowner didn’t even know about this. Sorry if the video’s all weird, it’s a steep slope roof here. But check it out. So can you see all the missing shingles? It’s on the back of his house, his yard slopes way down man, he’d never ever know that this is even here. This one’s still here. But see that line? That’s what we look for. That’s what we look for whenever we’re doing wind and hail damage. So hopefully that helps you out. Semper Fi Exteriors.